9cento5 monocultivar Itrana – Costa di Sole

Thank you to CostadiSole for sending us their EVOOs.

ProducerCosta di Sole
Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarItrana 100%
Harvesting MethodMechanical (olive tree shaker machines)
Extraction Method Continuous – cold extraction

The name 9cento5 (nine hundred and five) is a tribute to the owners’ late great-grandfather, who laid the foundations for the farm where Costa di Sole is today located exactly in 1905 – the establishment of Costa Di Sole in 2018 is a heartfelt dream come true for the family.
In 9cento5 monocultivar Itrana EVOO you can find all the love that CostadiSole has for its territory, family and olive oil. The medium texture of this EVOO mainly expresses elegant vegetable flavours of cut grass, thistle, sweet almond and tomato. The pungency is delicate and satisfies the palate. We finely paired it with traditional “pasta alla pecorara”, homemade fresh pasta with fresh ricotta cheese, black olives and tomato.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

9cento5 monocultivar Itrana is intense in colour – it appears of a vivid honey yellow, with apple green highlights.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

In the olfactory analysis 9cento5 Itrana presents a medium intensity, with a prevalence of elegant aromas of cut grass, sweet almond and thistle. It also has slight hints of red tomatoes and tomato leaves, and an even lighter scent of citrus and jasmine flowers.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



9cento5 Itrana has a medium/light intensity in the mouth, with a predominance of vegetable flavours such as chicory, walnut, sweet green pepper and olive. The fine, pleasant pungent aftertaste satisfies the palates which prefer delicate flavours to a strong taste.

We love it with…

Thanks to its elegance in perfumes and aromas, 9cento5 Itrana can be combined with light/medium flavoured dishes. We suggest to pair it with pizza (e.g. pizza with zucchini and ham, pizza with salted codfish and roasted peppers, or the evergreen margherita with bufala mozzarella); stewed fish (cod, sea bass) cooked in “vasocottura” and mixed fish soups, pasta with tomato sauce, Italian rice salad, and mixed green salads with salmon or tuna. It can be paired even with fruit – why not try it with a refreshing summer fruit salad!

We matched 9cento5 monocultivar Itrana to “Pasta alla Pecorara”, a traditional dish made of homemade ring-shaped pasta, tomato sauce with meat or vegetables (zucchini or eggplant) and fresh ricotta: a perfect pairing!

Azienda Agricola CostadiSole

Costa di Sole is a freshly born manufacturer set on the land of the owners’ ancestors. The name Costa di Sole means “sunny coast (hill)”, a tribute to the hills where its olive grooves are located, in the southern Lazio village of Pastena in Ciociaria.
The olive trees are farmed without the use of any chemical products, using techniques such as the “sovescio” to enrich the soil; the passion and love of the manufacturers for extra virgin olive oil show in their products and the attention to details put in every step of the EVOO manufacturing. How do they process their olive oil? Cold extraction within a few hours from the harvesting phase and temperature management at all steps of the process, all under the supervision of an expert technician who guarantees the maximum care put in the milling process – all necessary arrangements to keep intact the organoleptic features of this EVO Oil, and to enhance the high quality of the final product.

AZ. AGRICOLA CostadiSole
Contrada Colle 69
03020 Pastena (FR)
Lazio – Italy
+39 348 3893770
CostadiSole WebSite

Terroir & Region


Lazio is the region which hosts Italy’s capital city, Rome. Olive culture started in Lazio millenia ago, reaching its maximum prestige during Roman age. Ancient Romans used to to classify olive oils, already praising their numerous health benefits.

Today olive culture is spreading all over the region, especially in the area of its major lakes and hills, and in the southern zone, the so-called Ciociaria.
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Cultivar / Olive Variety


Itrana, also known as “Oliva di Gaeta”, is a typical olive variety from Lazio. Itrana is a very late ripening olive tree, and its olives are widely used as table olives in brine. Itrana expresses green vegetable scents and a characteristic green tomato tone. The character of the EVOO mainly depends on the location and the soil compositions of the olive grove. Discover other cultivars.