Bell’o Mio – Az. Agrestis

ProducerAz. Agrestis
Crop Year2020/2021
CultivarTonda Iblea (primarily)
RegionSicily (Buccheri – SR)
Harvesting MethodManual
Extraction MethodContinuous, two phases – Cold Extracted
Millingwithin 24h from harvesting
Tasted onMarch 2021

Thank you to Agrestis for sending us their Bell’o Mio organic EVOO.

EVOO – Food pairing advice: Bell’o Mio

Bell’omio is an organic EVO oil that comes from centuries-old olive trees of warm Sicily: the lands of Az. Agr. The Agresti are authentic, forged by millennia of history and located at an altitude that is the envy of the northernmost regions. Here, in Buccheri, at about 600 / 700m above sea level, olive trees abandoned for decades are re-domesticated and expertly cared for to give life to an extra virgin olive oil that speaks to us of its land in its colors and scents. An extra virgin olive oil rich in personality, characterized by the fresh imprint of the tomato and a rich bouquet of Mediterranean herbs: a Sicilian ambassador who will be able to tell you about his wonderful island, its history, its dishes and its aromas, binding everything together together by a precious gold thread.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Bell’omio EVO oil has a lively lime green colour, rich in golden yellow and lemon yellow reflections.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

On the olfactory analysis, Bell’omio extra virgin olive oil is rich in vegetable scents. It is a triumph of tomato scent, which stands out with an excellent mix of green and red tomatoes, also enriched by more herbaceous smells reminiscent of tomato leaves. It is a fully recognizable feature of the cultivar that composes it, Tonda Iblea. We also find lettuce, artichoke, thistle, rocket, cut grass, bitter almond, black pepper and a rich bouquet of aromatic herbs, definitely reminiscent of the Mediterranean scrub with basil, oregano and rosemary. As on the nostalgic notes of a song at sunset, a delicate fragrance of white flowers closes the analysis.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



The taste-olfactory coherence of Bell’omio EVO oil is excellent: in the gustatory analysis shows us, once again, the characteristic aromas already perceived in the previous analysis. Tomato returns in all its elegance, followed by lettuce, rocket, green olive, bitter almond and asparagus. The spiciness is given by a hint of white pepper almost reminiscent of oriental spices, followed by the purely Mediterranean and characteristic scent: basil, oregano and rosemary. Even a slight hint of citrus on the finish is barely noticeable. The balance between the bitter and pungency sensations is clear. The pungent sensation, percived in the throat, helps to keep the flavour of Bell’omio EVO oil on the palate longer.

We love it with…

Learn how to pair food and EVOO with our BEA Method.

Bell’Omio organic extra virgin olive oil can be easily combined with many recipes, gifting notes of tomato and Mediterranean scrub to your recipes. It is excellent on bruschetta, panzanelle, red pizzas or focaccia, and on pasta (especially on pasta sauce recipes). It also pairs very well recipes with white meats (in particular chicken and pork) or with meat soups. Try it with salads and cold pasta as well as with fresh and medium-aged cheeses.

Az. Agr. Agrestis

Agrestis is based in Buccheri, a small town in the hinterland of Syracuse. The whole area, at an altitude of about 820 meters above sea level, is made of steep hills, beautiful woods, and ravines and the olives represent a culture for centuries.
Giuseppe Paparone and Lorenzo Nicotra, residents of Buccheri and lifelong friends, launched the small cooperative in 2003, to protect the century-old trees growing on the steep lands nearby and to turn the domestic production into a quality business.
Later, their sons Pietro and Salvatore joined them, improving the business with their knowledge and passion. They acquired around 8 hectares of olive groves and part of them were converted in biological, and the rest are managed in lease. From the beginning, the main philosophy for their project consists in guarantee a high quality for a “precious aliment” which is the expression of the Sicilian traditions. They currently own about 20.000 trees, meaning a hard and continuous work all year long to check every tree’s blossoming stages. Agrestis has been winning prestigious international and national contests for years due to the quality of the evo oil produced with the unique Tonda Iblea olive; this variety develops his best characteristics in the territory of Buccheri.

Agrestis Soc. Coop. Agricola
Via Sabauda, 86/A – 96010 Buccheri (SR)
Sicily – Italy
Tel: 0931 315353
Agrestis website

Terroir & Region


Sicily is one of the two main Italian islands, a land where every province, city and corner is unique. This extraordinary heterogeneity is also recognisable in the gastronomic products (i.e. wines, tomatoes, citrus, eggplants and many delicious recipes) which make the island famous all over the world.

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Cultivar / Olive Variety

Tonda Iblea

Tonda Iblea is a Sicilian autochthonous cultivar mainly found in Ragusa, Siracusa and Catania. It is the main cultivar of the Monti Iblei PDO EVO oils (60 to 90%). Its name derives from the particular circular shape of its olive and from the area where it is mostly cultivated, the Hyblaean Mountains. Discover more.