Best Valentine’s Dinner Recipes

Are you looking for a romantic idea for your Valentine’s Day?
Learn how to combine extra virgin olive oils with your recipes, just like you do with your favorite wines! Turn your dinner into a whole new gastronomic experience.

Download for free the menu we have designed for you: 4 easy recipes from appetizer to dessert. For each recipe we recommend an extra virgin olive oil for a tasty and very romantic combination!

You can buy the Valentine’s Day EVOO box directly on our shop:
3 x 500 ml 100% Italian high quality EVO oils. As a gift, for a limited period, you will also receive 1 flavored olive oil: you can choose your favorite taste.

The recipes you will find in our Valentine’s Day menu:

STARTER – Shrimp heart
FIRST COURSE – Risotto with berries
SECOND COURSE – Grilled Tuna
SWEET – Heart chocolate grains

+ GUIDE – How to combine food and extra virgin olive oil.