Caravaggio – Frantoio Tini

Thank you to Frantoio Tini for sending us their Caravaggio EVOO.

ProducerFrantoio Tini
Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarDritta 100%
Harvesting MethodHandpicking
Extraction MethodContinuous Cold extraction
MillingWithin 4 hours of collection
Tasted onMay 2020

The fantastic terroir of the Teramo hills; an extraordinary, typical Abruzzese cultivar, the Dritta; a meticulous attention to the care of the olives throughout the whole process, starting from the olive tree and ending in the bottle – all of that is the magic of Frantoio Tini, or perhaps simply their signature.
Caravaggio EVOO encloses all these characteristics inside each drop of olive oil: it is manufactured from strictly selected olives which are grounded within 4 hours from the harvesting, to preserve all the best organoleptic and healthy elements of the fruit.
Visually, Caravaggio is bright green, and its complexity in flavour is captivating, starting from the great intensity of green vegetable notes of almond, grass, artichoke and chicory, to continue with light notes of spices, citrus fruits and a beautiful bouquet of Mediterranean aromatic herbs. The bitterness of Caravaggio fills up the mouth with all its elegance and complexity, while the pungency in the taste is a clear sign of the high presence of polyphenols – this intensity and elegance of Caravaggio makes this EVOO perfect to go with dishes characterized by an intense flavour.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

At the visual analysis, Caravaggio oil looks of intense avocado green, truly brilliant under the light.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

In the olfactory analysis, Caravaggio EVOO is rich in green fruity sensations and really complex: green almond, walnut husk, grass, green artichoke, chicory, rocket, tomato leaves immediately envelop your senses; then we can also find notes of Mediterranean pot herbs and spices such as oregano, mint and clove, along with geranium leaves scents and slight hints of green citrus fruits such as cedar and lemon

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



At the taste, Caravaggio EVO is surprisingly enveloping and powerful: even just a few drops will be able to immediately fill the palate with bitterness and persistent aromas of green almond, artichoke, rocket, chicory and Mediterranean pot herbs (oregano, basil, thyme, fresh mint). We also found a very peculiar flavour in it, close to that of liquorice root. All these flavours explode in the mouth, filling it immediately along with a persistent bitter sensation, lasting even in the aftertaste, a reminder of the great quality of this EVO oil. Those sensations come together with a prolonged feeling of pungency on the throat, which immediately follows the taste and last long in the mouth, strongly and pleasantly – this is an indicator of the high polyphenolic content (health boost) of Caravaggio EVOO, and a proof to the extreme refined skills of the oil miller. The feeling of cleanliness of the palate after the taste is marvellous.

We love it with…

Caravaggio is an EVO oil with a strong character able to balance and harmonize a long list of dishes. Starting from the appetizers, we recommend it on “Caprese” with buffalo mozzarella, or on fish starters such as cod and peppers salad. In winter and autumn, it is also suitable to go along cheese fondues (e.g. Valle d’Aosta fondue).
As for first courses, we can combine Caravaggio with legume soups, and lentils with cotechino. Excellent on pasta with white ragù sauces such as ragù “alla Genovese”, or on 4 cheese pasta or stuffed cannelloni; it is also good on fish soups, such as “zuppa alla vastese”, typical of Abruzzo.
Second course – Caravaggio is the right match to baked meat recipes of all kinds, but we recommend it especially with rabbit “alla Cacciatora”; it is also excellent on Florentine steak or steak strips, or on grilled white meat, pork.
The richness and the particular flavors of Indian, Brazilian, Mexican or Fusion cuisine are difficult to pair with EVOO, but Caravaggio manages to do well with that – don’t believe us? Try using it for the preparation of hummus.

We chose to pair Caravaggio “a crudo” on a simple but tasty dish: “Caprese” with buffalo mozzarella with freshly-baked delicious homemade bread on the side. Combining an EVOO with the pungency and acidity of buffalo mozzarella, the sweetness of tomatoes and the spiciness of aromatic herbs may not be a simple task, yet this EVOO is not only successful to bind all these flavours together, but it takes the dish to a higher level balancing the taste, enhancing the flavour, adding to it its signature essence.

Frantoio Tini

Tradition, culture and high quality are Frantoio Tini trademarks.
Surrounded by the beautiful Abruzzo’s hills, the Oil Mill Tini is family managed on a continuous basis with care and passion since 1921. Handed from generation to generation, the family members have always kept the high standards of quality of the olive milling and the olive oil production. Improving the production process from year to year it stays consistent, deliberately in the handicraft way a cutting-edge processing and a controlled production of an excellent quality olive oil.” (from Frantoio Tini Website)
The attention put in every step of the production process is the key feature of Frantoio Tini, in an effort to constantly increase the quality of their products and the nutraceutical impact of their EVOOs. Their philosophy is also enriched by a pinch of novelty: the Evolution Project, a traceability system thanks to which it is possible to follow the journey of the EVOO production at every step of the process, and to get every information on the provenance of the fruits, and the details and characteristics of the different production phases (e.g. temperature, duration of the malaxing and that of the other stages, bottle barcode).

Frantoio Tini
Contrada Pizzannocca, 1
64035 Castilenti (TE)
Abruzzo – Italy
+39 339 5969504
Frantoio Tini Website

Terroir & Region


Abruzzo is a small region in Central Italy, bordering Lazio (the region where Rome is located) to the west and the Adriatic sea to the east. Abruzzo is known to be “the greenest region in Europe”, as almost half of its area is set aside as national parks and protected nature reserves. The province of Chieti preserves the autochthonous olive variety of “Gentile di Chieti”; in Pescara we can find the  cultivar “Dritta”; Teramo hills host Tortiglione, Castiglionese and Rustica olive trees. Writer Primo Levi defined Abruzzo and its people as “forti e gentili” (strong and gentle), which soon became the region’s motto. Discover other regions.

Cultivar / Olive Variety


Dritta is a typical olive variety of Abruzzo mainly found in the area of the “Gold Triangle” – Pianella, Moscufo and Loreto Aprutino. Dritta has constant productivity, the maturation of the olives is medium/early, and it guarantees a high yield of olive oil production. Dritta’s olive oils are characterized by high quality, medium fruity notes of almonds, grass and artichoke, and medium/intense bitterness and pungency. Discover other cultivars.