Sabina PDO – Narducci

Sabina PDO by Narducci is a modern product which combines excellence with authenticity, and it is produced by a company which highly values its respect for the environment. Read our review to learn more or buy it on our shop!

Olivastro – Quattrociocchi

In Quattrociocchi's Olivastro, Itrana expresses itself with characteristic notes of green tomato, along with those of black and white spices, and a broad flavour bouquet of aromatic herbs. Read more on our review.

9cento5 monocultivar Itrana – Costa di Sole

In 9cento5 monocultivar Itrana EVOO you can find all the love that CostadiSole has for its territory, family and olive oil. The medium texture of this EVOO mainly expresses elegant vegetable flavours of cut grass, thistle, sweet almond and tomato.