Ruxia – Sommariva

Ruxia EVOO shows a pleasant and seasoned lightness. Mainly made of the typical Ligurian cultivar, the Taggiasca, it is an organic EVO oil which goes well with... read more on our review!


A simple look at the bottle immediately lets us know what to expect from Terrùmida – the green-coloured packaging tells us about a company in love with its territory, which they protect by devoting a special attention to sustainability and the minimization of waste production. Read our review.

Mantenera Organic

Mantenera is an EVO oil with a flawless strong character which, thanks to its well-defined soul, can find its place in many gastronomic combinations. Read more on our review.

Organic – Inserrata

Inserrata Organic EVOO comes from organic crops; it knows how to recall these lands also in its organoleptic analysis, with its richness of green vegetable scents. Read our review!