Classic – Marina Colonna

The history of the Colonna family and their crest, represented on the label of their EVO oils, date back thousands of years. Today, that great tradition is also symbolised in one of the most beautiful EVOO bottles on the market – the reference to the shape of the ancient amphora is indeed unique. Read more on our review.

Ruxia – Sommariva

Ruxia EVOO shows a pleasant and seasoned lightness. Mainly made of the typical Ligurian cultivar, the Taggiasca, it is an organic EVO oil which goes well with... read more on our review!


A simple look at the bottle immediately lets us know what to expect from Terrùmida – the green-coloured packaging tells us about a company in love with its territory, which they protect by devoting a special attention to sustainability and the minimization of waste production. Read our review.

Mantenera Organic

Mantenera is an EVO oil with a flawless strong character which, thanks to its well-defined soul, can find its place in many gastronomic combinations. Read more on our review.

Sassonia Blend – Az. Sassonia

Sassonia Blend EVOO is rich in distinct green vegetable notes; those flavours are softened up by spicy and fruity tones which make the olive oil taste well balanced and very pleasant.