Figs Cheesecake

We have prepared the former, New York-style, with a base of biscuits and EVO oil, and garnishment of figs, almonds, chestnut honey and EVO oil. Read our recipe.

Pancake with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The American pancake is a round fluffy type of pancake; it can be served both in a sweet or savory variation. We have of course prepared our pancakes using extra virgin olive oil. Are you curious to try them? Read our recipe!

Homemade Ice Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Homemade ice cream is one of the tastiest, most versatile and popular summer recipes. In recent years, homemade ice cream has been the subject of numerous kitchen experimentations: among these we can include homemade ice cream made with extra virgin olive oil!

Molten Chocolate Cake

Many people are in love with chocolate, and one of the best ways to surprise your guests with it is to prepare a simple soft-centred warm chocolate pudding!

Lemon Olive Oil Cake

Do you want to make a tasty pie without using butter? Don't say no to taste - do you know that you can use EVOO for your cakes and pies? Just make our Lemon olive oil cake recipe!