Ramen with pork loin and leek

Ramen is a typical dish of Japanese cuisine that has now spread all over the world. We prepared ramen with vegetable broth, pasta with Cappelli semola flour and buckwheat, loin, leeks, carrots and eggs. It is a rich dish, but with delicate flavors with Purpureum EVOO.

Pasta al “Cartoccio”

Calamarata is a typical Campania preparation, usually served with a calamari and tomato sauce. When it is cooked al Cartoccio is an over explosion of taste! Discover our EVOO pairing with this recipe!

Mushroom and walnut pesto with extra virgin olive oil

One of the best ingredients autumn offers are mushrooms, which give their best during this season. We used them to prepare a homemade pesto sauce with champignons, walnuts, Mantenera EVO oil to go with Paccheri. Read our recipe!