Blend – Visconti

Blend EVOO by Visconti is a perfect mix of two cultivars which are characteristic of Puglia: the Peranzana and Coratina varieties which together make the final flavour unique. Read our review to obtain a discount.

GangaLupo – Az. Bisceglie

GangaLupo EVOO is a fresh, balsamic and spicy Coratina-based olive oil that combines its classic scents of green vegetables with aromatic and spicy ones.

Unico – Visconti

Unico Visconti is an excellent equilibrist: it manages to well balance the taste between the green vegetable notes and the warm red notes of tomato, pine nuts and black pepper. Read more on our review.

Nocellara – Mandranova

Nocellara’s intense green colour reminds us of the beauty of Sicily’s nature reserves which plunge directly into the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea, making us want to immerse ourselves in the organoleptic discovery of this EVO oil. Read our review to know more!

Giove – Depalo

Due to its typical strong flavour, it is not easy to produce a balanced Coratina-based olive oil. Giove EVOO succeeds in representing the elegant and balanced side of Coratina. Read more on our review!

SolOlio – Az. Agr. Virzì

Tasting SolOlio means to discover a cultivar and a part of Sicily little known to most people; the EVOO is produced using a very exclusive and delicate Sicilian cultivar mainly grown in the province of Messina, the Verdello. Read more on our review.