Mantegna – Frantoio Tini

Mantegna EVOO assures to the taste a perfect balance, along the thread of green vegetable notes - the basis of EVOO high quality - in the olfactory and gustatory analysis, but also the elegance and finesse of its bitterness and pungency

Caravaggio – Frantoio Tini

Caravaggio is bright green, and its complexity in flavour is captivating, The bitterness of Caravaggio fills up the mouth with all its elegance and complexity, while the pungency in the taste is a clear sign of the high presence of polyphenols.

Il Castiglionese – Masseria Erasmi

The name of this EVO oil derives from the typical Abruzzo cultivar of Castiglionese, whose presence is mainly limited to the Fino Abruzzo valley and whose taste is genuine, strong and kind just as the people of its region.