Affiorato – Intini

The care put in the production of Affiorato EVOO clearly shows during the tasting. Read more on our review.

Blend – Visconti

Blend EVOO by Visconti is a perfect mix of two cultivars which are characteristic of Puglia: the Peranzana and Coratina varieties which together make the final flavour unique. Read our review to obtain a discount.

Unico – Visconti

Unico Visconti is an excellent equilibrist: it manages to well balance the taste between the green vegetable notes and the warm red notes of tomato, pine nuts and black pepper. Read more on our review.

Perseo – Depalo

Perseo is an extra virgin olive oil which will amaze both those who approach the strength of Apulian olive oils for the first time, and those who had thought to already know them all.

Chiaroscuro – De Robertis

Chiaroscuro is true to its name: light (chiaro) in the perfumes, dark (scuro) in the taste, powerful as the cultivar from which it is created, the Coratina.

Danae – Depalo

Contrary to more intense olive oils, delicate EVOOs have only one parameter in which they can excel to emerge: quality. Danae of Ogliarola Barese does not lack in that at all. Read the review to find out.