Bosana – Accademia Olearia

In monocultivar Bosana EVO oil we can find not only the typical aromas of the Sardinian territory and that of the coasts of our Italian peninsula (aromatic herbs, spices, fruit, citrus fruits and green vegetables), but also a natural inclination to go with pasta, pizza and cheese. Buy it now on our shop!

Trama – Dore

Trama EVO oil is a Bosana monocultivar produced in Sardinia. Trama EVOO is consistent with its territory, and versatile, capable of bringing traditional dishes to a tastier and more sustainable future. Read our review to learn more.

Gran Riserva Giuseppe Fois – Accademia Olearia

Sardinia lands have been dedicated to olive cultivation for millennia, and we can only be happy that especially in recent times this vocation has also been a synonym of high quality. Gran Riserva Giuseppe Fois is a perfect example of this union.