Nocellara – Mandranova

Nocellara’s intense green colour reminds us of the beauty of Sicily’s nature reserves which plunge directly into the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea, making us want to immerse ourselves in the organoleptic discovery of this EVO oil. Read our review to know more!

SolOlio – Az. Agr. Virzì

Tasting SolOlio means to discover a cultivar and a part of Sicily little known to most people; the EVOO is produced using a very exclusive and delicate Sicilian cultivar mainly grown in the province of Messina, the Verdello. Read more on our review.

Giarraffa – Mandranova

The fragility and delicacy of this cultivar also transfer positively to its aromas and taste: elegance and fineness are the narrative threads of our analysis.

Lapillo – Az. Agricola Virzì

Lapillo EVOO is really worth its name! Just like lava or ashes, it at first perceived as soft and delicate to the nose and taste, eventually explodes in a pleasant and prolonged pungency sensation.

Cerasuola – Mandranova

Mandranova guides us in the tasting experience of Cerasuola with all their care for the Sicilian terroir, their centenary olive trees, the Cerasuola Cultivar and their thorough attention to details.