Olivastro – Quattrociocchi

In Quattrociocchi's Olivastro, Itrana expresses itself with characteristic notes of green tomato, along with those of black and white spices, and a broad flavour bouquet of aromatic herbs. Read more on our review.

EvoSì – Evo Sicily

The special characteristics of the Sicilian land, its strong contrasts in flavors and landscapes, coexist within EVOsì EVO oil, whose taste leads us to a hand in hand walk with the Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla cultivars. Read the full review

Sabina PDO – Narducci

Sabina PDO by Narducci is a modern product which combines excellence with authenticity, and it is produced by a company which highly values its respect for the environment. Read our review to learn more.

Val d’Dama – Azeite Vacinata

Val d'Dama EVOO’s vegetable soul, along with its floral and fruity notes of flavour, makes it perfect to go on vegetable,vegan dishes and desserts. Even the bottle label, with its green background, immediately recalls Val d'Dama EVOO’s vegetable imprint perceived at organoleptic level. Read more on our review.

Embrace – Evo Sicily

Tasting EVOO Embrace is like wrapping in a big "hug" that wonderful land, with a long and precious olive-growing and gastronomic tradition, that is Sicily. Read the full review of Embrace!