SolOlio – Az. Agr. Virzì

Tasting SolOlio means to discover a cultivar and a part of Sicily little known to most people; the EVOO is produced using a very exclusive and delicate Sicilian cultivar mainly grown in the province of Messina, the Verdello. Read more on our review.

Sassonia Blend – Az. Sassonia

Sassonia Blend EVOO is rich in distinct green vegetable notes; those flavours are softened up by spicy and fruity tones which make the olive oil taste well balanced and very pleasant.

La Majatica Bio – Frantoio Valluzzi

Thanks to this gentleness, it is a perfect extra virgin olive oil to combine with light-flavoured food - especially desserts - for anyone who loves EVOOs which do not dominate the flavour of their preparations.

Lapillo – Az. Agricola Virzì

Lapillo EVOO is really worth its name! Just like lava or ashes, it at first perceived as soft and delicate to the nose and taste, eventually explodes in a pleasant and prolonged pungency sensation.

Frà Pasquale – Conventino di Monteciccardo

The delicate elegance found in the vegetable notes join the EVOO strong pungency, which strikes in the throat with a great balance of flavours and sensations, prolonging the permanence of the taste of Frà Pasquale on the palate.