Olivastro – Quattrociocchi

In Quattrociocchi's Olivastro, Itrana expresses itself with characteristic notes of green tomato, along with those of black and white spices, and a broad flavour bouquet of aromatic herbs. Read more on our review.

Efkrato – Tsounati

Spread all around Crete there are tens of millions of olive groves, and among them, some trees of the Tsounati variety give life to the organic monocultivar extra virgin olive oil Efkrato.

SolOlio – Az. Agr. Virzì

Tasting SolOlio means to discover a cultivar and a part of Sicily little known to most people; the EVOO is produced using a very exclusive and delicate Sicilian cultivar mainly grown in the province of Messina, the Verdello. Read more on our review.

Colle d’Angiò – Tamaro

Colle D'Angiò - Tamaro produces an organic extra virgin olive oil with a strong and well-characterized soul, good to be paired with red meat, grilled white meat, legume soups, vegetables and mushrooms. Read our review to learn more about.

Sassonia Blend – Az. Sassonia

Sassonia Blend EVOO is rich in distinct green vegetable notes; those flavours are softened up by spicy and fruity tones which make the olive oil taste well balanced and very pleasant.

La Majatica Bio – Frantoio Valluzzi

Thanks to this gentleness, it is a perfect extra virgin olive oil to combine with light-flavoured food - especially desserts - for anyone who loves EVOOs which do not dominate the flavour of their preparations.