Cerasuola – Mandranova

Thank you to Mandranova for sending us their Cerasuola EVOO.

Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarCerasuola 100%
Harvesting MethodHandpicking, with mechanical facilitators
Extraction Method Continuous – two phases
TastedApril 2020

Mandranova guides us in the tasting experience of Cerasuola with all their care for the Sicilian terroir, their centenary olive trees, the Cerasuola cultivar and their thorough attention to details. The journey starts with the bright, lively green colour of this EVOO which delights our visual senses, then follows this Cerasuola rich and complex odour, which ranges from the typical vegetable scents of this cultivar to an elegant Mediterranean bouquet; but it is in the taste that Cerasuola Mandranova reveals all its fascinating complexity, summarized by its three main key characteristics: pungency, bitterness and cleanness. The pungency of Cerasuola introduces us to the elegance and the strong feature of this extraordinary olive oil, shortly followed by its bitterness which prolongs the permanence of this EVOO’s aromas in the aftertaste; the feeling of cleanness which Mandranova leaves your mouth with after every taste is the real peculiarity of this EVOO.

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Appearance & Visual Analysis

Mandranova Cerasuola to the left compared to another EVOO

Cerasuola Mandranova is vividly lime green in colour, enriched by light lemon yellow tones and avocado green highlights – all results in a shimmering, lively EVO Oil.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

At the smell, Cerasuola Mandranova feels complex and elegant: scents of fresh-cut grass, green tomato and artichoke (the typical stamp of the Cerasuola cultivar) are joined by an emotional Mediterranean bouquet of pot herbs (thyme, sage, mint, bay leaf and rosemary). Cerasuola Mandranova completes its scent tour with gentle tones of orange blossom and fresh green citrus fruits. This balance of aromas gives us a good idea of the level of care that Mandranova has for its olive trees and for the olive oil production process as a whole.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



Cerasuola Mandranova fulfils your mouth with elegant flavours which play with your taste buds: from tomato leaf to green almond, walnut husk, rocket, to end with citrus flowers and light green citrus fruits aromas reminding us of lime and chinotto, the fruit of myrtle-leaved orange trees.
Pungency introduces the tasting experience, but it is the prolonged bitterness of this EVOO which really hits us at every taste. Last but not least, the feeling of cleanness in the mouth after every taste is a copyright signature of Cerasuola Mandranova.

We love it with…

Fish! Although this oil – especially when used “a crudo” – can be easily combined to first courses, legumes, stuffed vegetables, eggplant parmigiana or meat dishes, we think that it brings out the best of fish dishes.
Pair it wisely though – given its medium intensity and its bitter elegance, we advise to combine it with rich fish recipes with a strong character such as sauteed mussels on bruschetta, fish couscous, grilled fish, shellfish and red prawns, swordfish skewers, baked salmon with grilled potatoes, and tuna steak. With its pungency and its vegetable and citrus notes, it will wonderfully enrich your preparations!

We tried it with a mixed grill of fresh squid and cuttlefish. The addition of oil to the dish has decidedly enriched it with flavor, above all donating the citrus note and a very light and pleasant pungency.

Az. Agricola Mandranova

Logo Mandranova

“On a hill, a few miles from the sea, there is a green oasis where a selection of native young olive trees grows in our olive grove, as well as some which are several hundred years old. All are individually irrigated. Here we produce extra-virgin olive oil, almonds and conserves that are expressions of our land, our sun, our Sicily.”

Mandranova is located in Palma di Montechiaro, in Agrigento province, a territory rich in natural diversity and historical and gastronomic culture.
The Mandranova farm was established in the second half of the 20th century, and today its products are internationally known for their high quality, which also allowed them to win numerous prizes throughout the years.

Az. Agricola Mandranova
92020 Palma di Montechiaro (AG)
Coordinate GPS
200737°09′55.12″ N – 13°48′23.79″
Sicily – Italy
Mandranova website

Terroir & Region


«Without Sicily, Italy Creates No Image In The Soul: Here Is The Key To Everything» (J.W.Goethe, “Viaggio in Italia”, 1817)

Sicily is one of the two main Italian islands, a land where every province, city and corner is unique. This extraordinary heterogeneity is also recognisable in the gastronomic products (i.e. wines, tomatoes, citrus, eggplants and many delicious recipes) which make the island famous all over the world. Discover other regions.

Cultivar / Olive Variety


Cerasuola is one of the most ancient Sicilian cultivars, mainly found in the western part of the region (Trapani and Palermo areas); it displays a peculiarity which makes this cultivar perfect for the Sicilian territory: its high resistance to dryness and to nutrient-poor soils. Cerasuola is characterized by a high productivity, and it usually confers its EVO oils flavour notes of grass, artichoke and tomato. Discover other cultivars.