Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo BIO – Gaudenzi

ProducerFrantoio Gaudenzi
Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarMoraiolo 100%
Harvesting MethodHand picking
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold extracted

Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo EVOO takes its name from the area where its olive groves are located, 600 masl and right next to an ancient little church dedicated to St. Arcangelo, surrounded by the woods. The vegetable essence of this EVOO is clearly detectable in both the olfactory and tasting analysis: artichoke, fresh mountain grass, green almond, freshly picked chicory and lettuce stand out among all. Close your eyes during the tasting and you will be catapulted in the magical world of the Umbrian terroir, as wet pine trees tones and balsamic aromas fill up your mouth. Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo can be paired with all different kinds of dishes – thanks to its complex character, it enriches the flavour with elegant bitter tones, and leaves a gentle enjoyable pungency in the aftertaste. We tried it with a yummy seasonal bruschetta made with fresh stracchino cheese, asparagus, Parmigiano Reggiano 24mo and toasted almonds: simply awesome.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

At the visual analysis Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo appears of a beautiful apple-green, with gold highlights. The tones are rich and crystalline.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

At every stage of the analysis, Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo expresses all the elegance, complexity and intensity which characterize this EVOO. Vegetable green notes are predominant: artichoke, fresh mountain grass, green almond, freshly picked chicory and lettuce. Pot herbs such as laurel and mint can also be found in the mix, along with spices (cloves, mainly), fruits like bergamot and cedar, and a light floral perfume of elderberry.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



Coherence between perfume and taste is always a sign of high quality EVOO, a coherence that we can surely find in Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo notes of green almond and artichoke.
In this EVOO we also find the typical aromas of the Umbrian olive groves: balsamic flavours of mint, resin and pine tree. Other identifiable tones are those of green sweet pepper and aromatic pot herbs (sage, predominantly).
The lovely bitterness of this EVOO and a long pleasant pungency are characteristics of the aftertaste of Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo.

We love it with…

We advise to pair Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo EVOO to food with a strong personality and taste, such as the many typical Umbrian dishes traditionally seasoned with truffles or mushrooms: bruschetta with truffle salami, strangozzi (typical fresh homemade pasta), pasta alla Norcia with sausages, or wonderful lentils soups and game stew.
Other combinations? Try Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo with quail eggs starters or carne salada; hummus with vegetables; zafferano mayonnaise; cannelloni with ricotta, spinach and ham or mushrooms; or even with rabbit “alla cacciatora”. It is also good with grilled or baked lake fish such as carp and perch.
Do you want to be a real EVO oil experimenter? Try Chiuse di Sant’Arcangelo EVOO on chocolate souffle, it will add a special touch to your recipe!

We paired it with a seasonal bruschetta made with fresh stracchino cheese, asparagus, Parmigiano Reggiano 24mo and toasted almonds. So yummy!

Frantoio Gaudenzi

Vittorio Gaudenzi started his adventure in the olive oil world shortly after the end of WWII, in 1951; thanks to his love for olive oil he soon became a trailblazer in EVOO production. His passion was then passed down to his son – and his nephews after that – who since 1994 has been taking care of the oil mill together with his family. “The obsessing search for quality” is the ultimate goal of the Gaudenzi family.

Gaudenzi has also recently started a research project in collaboration with Perugia University, a study program which aims to develop “new extraction techniques in order to increase the quality of the oil and to offer a healthy, genuine and natural product”.

Not only research for quality products but also environmental respect: Gaudenzi has also started the Gaudenzi 4.0 project, whose actions include zero emissions, the use of zero pesticides and integrated soil fertility.
From their website: “Even more those who work in the agri-food sector, like us, have the duty to contribute in their own small way, adopting respectful and sustainable processing methods. The goal is to create productive ecosystems for the benefit of all. We did it!”
Today Gaudenzi manages “about 40,000 olive trees scattered between Trevi and Spoleto – the so-called Fascia Olivata Assisi-Spoleto, the Colli Martani and the area of Lake Trasimeno”.

Frantoio Gaudenzi
Fr. Pigge voc. Camporeale
06039 Trevi (PG)
Umbria – Italy
Frantoio Gaudenzi Website

Terroir & Region


Umbria is popularly defined as the “Green heart” of Italy: it is located in a central position with no outlets in the sea, and it is rich in groves and natural reserves. The principal cultivars in Umbria are Moraiolo (which on this territory expresses very good high quality), Frantoio and Leccino, besides the autochthonous Dolce Agogia (mainly found in the Trasimeno lake area), Rajo, Correggiolo and others (i.e. Borgiona, Bianchella di Umbertide, Pocciolo, Nostrale di Rigali). Discover other regions.

Cultivar / Olive Variety


Moraiolo is widespread in Italy, with its major qualitative expression to be found in the central regions of Umbria, Toscana, Lazio and Abruzzo. It is used in EVOO monocultivar or either in blend, to confer accentuated bitterness and pungency (which are due to its high presence of polyphenols) and medium-intense fruity notes to any olive oil. Moraiolo trees are quite resistant to low water availability, and ensure high productivity. Discover other cultivars.