Colle d’Angiò – Tamaro

ProducerAzienda Agricola Colle D’Angiò – Tamaro
Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarOliva Nera Di Colletorto 100%
Harvesting MethodManual & mechanical facilitators
Extraction MethodContinuous
MillingWithin 12-24 hours of collection
CertificationBio – Organic
Tasted onJune 2020

EVOO – Food pairing advice for Colle d’Angiò – Tamaro

The oliva nera di Colletorto (Colletorto black olive) is a cultivar from Molise, very resistant to adverse weather conditions; a characteristic, the strength of the olive tree, which it seems to have transferred to its EVO oils. Colle D’Angiò – Tamaro produces an organic extra virgin olive oil with a strong and well-characterized soul, good to be paired with red meat, grilled white meat, legume soups (beans and lentils in particular), vegetables and mushrooms. Green olive, cut grass, almond, thistle and lettuce notes of flavour mix in this EVOO as in a synchronized dance, along with perfumes of green pepper and rosemary flower, and a very light aroma of chamomile; but it’s the twist given by its bitterness which made us decide to pair it with an all-about-meat nice summer grilling!

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Colle d’Angiò Oliva Nera di Colletorto EVOO is intensely lemon yellow, with light green streaks of colour.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

Colle d’Angiò Oliva Nera di Colletorto EVOO delights the nose with green vegetable scents followed by light sweet background flavour tones of flowers and fruit. Green olive, freshly cut grass, green almond, thistle and lettuce are the predominant green aroma; then follow up spicy hints of green pepper and potted herbs (i.e. mint), a floral note of rosemary, and a light scent of chamomile. A delicate aroma of berries (i.e. blackberry) close the olfactory picture.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



On the palate, the green vegetable soul of Colle d’Angiò Oliva Nera di Colletorto EVOO stands out among all with its tones of green olive, arugula, chicory, artichoke and thistle, which immediately introduces a preponderant feeling of bitterness to the palate. Spicy aromas of black pepper and Mediterranean herbs in pots (e.g. rosemary and bay leaves) further enrich the green notes of flavour of this EVO oil.
Pungency represents the closure of this EVOO’s taste, tickling the throat with a medium tingling feeling.

We love it with…

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Colle d’Angiò Oliva Nera di Colletorto EVOO shows a predominance of vegetable notes combined with fruitiness, spiciness, and floral tones of flavour; these characteristics considered, we recommend it in combination with food with marked sweet tendencies such as red meat or fish – Colle d’Angiò Oliva Nera di Colletorto EVOO will side them with its natural bitter boost of green pepper, thistle, almond, grass and rosemary.
Starting from soups, we suggest tasting this extra virgin olive oil on lentil or bean soups, Tuscan ribollita, and on cauliflower and black cabbage soup; and speaking of lentils, why not try it also on less classic preparations such as a lentil burger!

Colle d’Angiò Oliva Nera di Colletorto EVOO is also perfect on vegetables, either stuffed or oven cooked, roasted, or sautéed in a pan and with mushrooms; but it is with meat that at least in our opinion this EVOO brings out its very best – we recommend it on roasted chicken, rabbit and wild game meat, pork loin and grilled beef cutlets.

Az. Agr. Colle D’Angiò – Tamaro

Azienda Agricola Colle D’Angiò – Tamaro was established in the late 1800s, and to date, well-into its fifth generation of owners, it covers approximately 4 hectares of olive groves distributed at an altitude of 300 to 550 meters asl; its cultivation mainly consists of three indigenous cultivars: Oliva Nera di Colletorto, Rumignana and Cazzarella. The company’s added value lies in their research for quality, their attention to the territory, and their commitment over a sustainable organic agriculture.

Colle d’Angiò – Tamaro Website
Via Po, 92
86039 Termoli (CB)
Molise – Italy
+39 0875 81703 – +39 347 0446742

Terroir & Region


Molise is one of Italy’s smallest regions, second only to Valle d’Aosta, but boasts an ancient olive cultivation tradition dating back to Roman times, and about fifteen autochthonous olive oil cultivars (although many others are estimated, less known and not as productive). The olive groves of Molise extend for almost all its relatively small (and mainly hilly) surface, as shown by the Molise PDO which covers a large part of the region’s territory; one of its most exploited areas for olive cultivation is the Venafro plain (Isernia).
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Cultivar / Olive variety

Nera di Colletorto

Oliva nera di Colletorto is an autochthonous cultivar of Molise which takes its name from one of the cities where it is mainly cultivated. Oliva Nera di Colletorto olive oils have typical flavour notes of green olives and artichoke.
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