Coratina – Mimì

Producer Mimì – Az. Agricola Donato Conserva
Crop Year2019/2020
Cultivar Coratina 100%
Region Apulia
Harvesting methodHand picking and mechanical
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold extracted

Tasting Mimì Coratina feels like undertaking an emotional rally over Puglia countryside – it is a journey throughout every vegetable note of grass, artichoke, thyme, then the fruity notes, over balsamic and flower scents, the aroma of pepper and almond, to end with the marked bitterness sensation and the elegant persistent pungency of this extraordinary EVO Oil. You will appreciate the special work of the farmers and millers of Az. Agricola Donato Conserva at every taste, their research for high quality and the respect for the product put in every single step of the manufacturing of Mimì Coratina.
Mimì Coratina enriches dishes in colours, scents and flavors, while also filling your body with beneficial healthy compounds like polyphenols. Mimì is the perfect example of what the Coratina cultivar can express in an Apulian EVO Oil.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

The brilliance of intense avocado green shades combined with light yellow highlights introduce you to Mimì Coratina in all its splendour.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

Mimì Coratina is rich in green vegetable scents such as fresh grass, chicory, rocket, artichokes, green-olive fruits and thistle, pot herbs aromas like sage and thyme, and white pepper. This EVO Oil also expresses fresh almond and green walnut husks notes, light floral scents and perfumes of green citrus fruits. This richness of flavours and aromas creates a pleasant balsamic effect at every inhalation.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



Coratina is characterized by its high content of polyphenols, whose presence is perceivable in its bitterness and pungency; by choosing Mimì Coratina you are tasting one of the most qualitative expressions of this cultivar.
What is perceived in the olfactory analysis can also be found in the tasting experience, especially in the EVO Oil notes of rocket, chicory, almond and green nuts, thistle and artichoke.
Mimì Coratina’s flavour fill-up the mouth thanks to its full-bodied texture, its immediate bitterness and the long pungent aftertaste. You will be surprised by the feeling of equilibrium and cleanness that this EVO Oil leaves your mouth with after every sip.

We love it with…

Thanks to its complexity and fine equilibrium Mimì Coratina can be paired with different typologies of dishes; mostly though, it exalts “a crudo” food and strong flavors preparations.
Other great matches for Mimì Coratina are those with fresh vegetable dishes such as Apulia typical “Fav e Fogghie” (fava beans and chicory), legume soup or “Pasta e Fagioli” (Pasta and Beans), and veggie burgers.
Thanks to its pleasant balsamic flavour, Mimì Coratina is particularly indicated to go with grilled meat, fish (e.g. octopus with onions on the side) vegetables (i.e. eggplants, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes) and mushrooms; artichokes, zucchini or eggplants stuffed with bread eggs and meat are also a great pairing to this EVO Oil.
Bombette (typical Apulia recipe: pork roulade with a stringy heart of cheese) are also perfectly pairable with Mimì EVOOs.

We tried Mimì Coratina with a typical Apulia recipe: Orecchiette with Cime di Rapa (rapini, broccoli rabe). It was definitely a match made in heaven!

Mimì – Az. Agricola Donato Conserva

From the company website.

Domenico Conserva, known to all as Mimì, was born and raised among the olives trees, the red soil and the fresh air. Mimì worked his whole life in transport, but he had a dream.
He loved olive trees, olives, the smell of freshly pressed oil.
He loved the colour of the oil and the intense favour of fresh oil on bread.
Mimì’s dream grew, but a terrible accident took him away from it before it could be achieved. However, that dream did not go with him as his children, Donato and Michele, together with his wife, Giudetta, decided to pursue it. The dream became reality, and so Mimì has become the name of a superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Mimì is the story of a dream and of a united family.

Mimì’s olive oil press combines cutting-edge technology with energy efficiency, taking full advantage of the raw material and its elements. Our equipment allows us to produce an oil of excellent quality, as it guarantees extreme cleanliness and a rigorous control of the extraction temperatures.” (from

Az. Agricola Donato Conserva
C.da Gravinella, sn
70026 Modugno (BA)
Apulia, Italia
Tel. +39 393 185 87 48
Olio Mimì website

Terroir & Region


Puglia, or Apulia, is one of the Southern regions of Italy. This area is the heart of Italian olive oil production, and when you try EVO oil from Apulia it’s almost as if you could taste the product of the region’s wellness, and when this extraordinary setting meets the enormous skills of the producers and millers of Apulia, you are sure to try one of the best expressions of Extra virgin olive oil. Discover other regions.

Cultivar / Olive Variety


Coratina is an olive cultivar typical of Apulia (Puglia). It’s one of the cultivars with the highest concentration of polyphenols, organic molecules with natural antioxidant characteristics, which confers the oil its strong bitter and pungent notes. Coratina’s EVOOs are also featured by a reduced acid content. Discover other cultivars.