Ecologico – O.LIVE

Thank you to O.LIVE for sending us their Ecologico EVOO.

ProducerO.Live – Trifasic Inversiones s.l.
Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarPicual 100%
Harvesting MethodEarly harvest
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold extracted
TastedApril 2020

Ecologico O.Live is a 100% Picual olive oil produced by the internationally awarded family farm of O.Live in Jaen (Spain), the world capital region of olive oil production. With its strong elegance and explosive perfumes and taste, this EVOO introduces you to a remarkable expression of the Picual cultivar. Its aromas are deep and powerful: scents of grass, artichoke, tomato and banana peel inebriate your olfactory and gustatory senses. Bitterness and pungency are something special, and further characterize the taste of this EVOO; a few drops of Ecologico O.Live are all you need to add vegetable and “green” notes to your dishes. The packaging chosen by O.Live for its EVOOs deserves a special mention: each bottle has its own box, very elegant in both colour and shape; on the packaging are also written down the characteristics of each olive oil in terms of flavour and tasting, along with some pairing suggestions. The shape of the bottle is beautiful, and it is specifically designed to help slowly pour EVO Oil. Very well done!

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Visually, Ecologico is of a vivid avocado green colour.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

The scent of Ecologico EVOO is characteristic of the olive oils of the Picual cultivar: fine, complex and intense. Hints of grass, green tomato fruit and leaf, fresh artichoke and chicory are immediately perceptible; other significant notes are those of green banana peel, yellow apple, Mediterranean pot herbs (basil), green olives and olive leaves, and light hints of fig leaf, and a very gentle pink pepper spiciness to complete the picture.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



The taste of Ecologico EVOO is coherent to its perfumes. Just a little sip and Ecologico fills your mouth with special flavours which last even during the aftertaste. Sweet artichoke, bitter almond, green and ripe olives, chicory, fresh-cut grass, tomato leaf and green tomato, lettuce and elder are the major flavours which can be felt in the mouth during the tasting. The bitterness is strong and immediate; pungency ignites the whole throat right after, lasting even in the aftertaste, keeping alive in your mind the memory of this EVO Oil special flavour.

We love it with…

Thanks to its strong character and mix of aromas, bitterness and pungency, Ecologico EVOO is perfect with dishes with a distinct flavour or preparations, with dishes which require a long cooking time (e.g: tomato sauces or stews). As for appetizers, we advise to try it on bruschetta or with a mixed selection of cold cuts (prosciutto, salami, mortadella), with fresh grilled vegetables (courgettes, peppers, aubergines), tomato, tomato and mozzarella, and especially with a selection of cheese, fresh to semi-soft to hard. Ecologico’s intense yet harmonious taste manages to perfectly harmonize the acidity and flavor of different kinds of cheese; it also combines and binds together the diverse strong flavors of tomatoes and grilled vegetables, cheese and salami.
We tried Ecologico EVOO on bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and Jamon serrano by @dinodelcorso.

Ecologico is also good on first courses such as mixed vegetables and legume soups, fresh tomato sauce preparations (with or without meat) and “pasta al forno”, Italian typical baked pasta. It is also perfectly pairable with strong flavoured fish-based dishes such as pasta with fresh salmon, zucchini and fresh onions, or pasta with tuna, tomatoes and capers.
Second courses? Try it on meat stews and dehydrated fruit (e.g. pork loin with prunes) or even on mixed meat roasts.

O.Live – Trifasic Inversiones s.l.

200 year-old olive trees, the beautiful cultural and naturalistic diverse region of Andalusia, a true passion for olive oil manufacturing, a careful study of the different production phases, the choice of an early harvest (beginning of October) to use the olives at their highest quality stage, the rigorous selection of the best fruits, the temperature constantly kept below 23 °C during grinding, the reduction of the average malaxing time – these are the choices made by to preserve the quality of its 100% Picual organic olive oil. is based in Jaén, a province considered the world capital region of olive oil production; from there you can take the Olive Tree Route, in Sierra Mágina, and enjoy the view of the sweeps of olive trees all around the homonymous Natural Park.
Calle La Rioja, 11 Bajo
23009 Jaén – Spagna
O.Live Website

Terroir & Region

Spain – Andalusia

Andalusia is one of the most populated regions of Spain; there can be also found 62% of the olive trees of Spain, with Andalusia being also the region where 81.6% of the total Spanish production of olive oil is produced. Olive cultivation in Andalusia is concentrated in the cities of Cordoba, Antequera, Malaga, Granada, Linares and Jaèn, which is also considered the world capital of olive oil. Discover Spanish regions.

Cultivar / Olive Variety


The Picual, also known as Marteña or Lopereña, is one of the most common Spanish cultivars, which can be mostly found in the Jaén province but is also popular in Granada and Cordoba, and all around the world. Olive oils made of this variety are characterized by typical vegetable scents of grass, fig, tomato leaf, green tomato and quintessential aromas of green banana and green apple. Discover Spanish cultivars