Evolution Pitted – Tre Colonne

Thank you to Az. Tre Colonne for sending us their Evolution EVOO.

ProducerTre Colonne
Crop Year2021/2022
CultivarCoratina 100%
RegionApulia (Giovinnazzo)
Harvesting MethodMechanical
Extraction MethodContinuous, two phases, pitted
MillingWithin the day of collection
Tasted onJan 2022

EVOO – Food pairing advice: Evolution

An olive oil is defined as “pitted” when the olive is cored before being crushed. This procedure generally allows to obtain olive oils with more delicate flavors, making the “strength” of some cultivars richer in bitter and pungent sensations, and therefore in polyphenols (such as Coratina), appreciable, even to a public more inclined to olive oils lighter in taste. What we really appreciated about Tre Colonne Evolution Denocciolato EVO oil is its ability to make us discover Coratina from heart-to-heart (or rather, leaving us speechless) under a more elegant version, rich in spicy and floral aromas, but always characterized by its key tones: among all the high phenolic charge which is found in its bitter and pungent notes in tasting. It is a product that, compared to its “brother” Selezioni Coratina (not pitted), has a lower degree of acidity and a greater quantity of polyphenols (as you can read on their website).

You can find Le Selezioni Coratina by Tre Colonne on our shop. Click in the link below

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Tre Colonne Evolution Pitted EVO oil has a bright and brilliant lime green color with apple green shades.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

On the olfactory analysis the characteristic vegetal aromas of Coratina immediately stand out, intertwining with more elegant, delicate, floral and fruity notes. In Evolution Denocciolato EVO oil you can perceive artichoke, thistle, bitter almond, rocket, lettuce, chicory, cut grass and an excellent spicy nuance of black and white pepper. The notes of helichrysum and white flowers follow and give elegance to the EVOO. In closing a delicate scent of bergamot and rich notes of aromatic herbs including sage, bay leaf and a light mint.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



Coratina is immediately recognizable on the palate with its strong and characteristic bitter sensation, followed by a well-harmonized pungent feeling on the throat. Among the aromas of Evolution EVOO we recognize as primary the vegetable component: artichoke, chard, rocket, chicory and notes of dried fruit, with bitter almond and walnut. The aromatic flavours follow with thyme, rosemary and marjoram, black and green pepper and a background of licorice root. At the end a delicate grapefruit is also recognizable.

We love it with…

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The presence of vegetable scents that intertwine with the more aromatic and spicy ones, and the characteristic bitter sensation, make Evolution EVO oil excellent both with medium-structured recipe and with more elaborate ones, especially meat-based (read our Chili con carne recipe or Truffle skirt steak), but also with legume soups and vegetables with a strong flavor, such as artichokes or turnip greens. Also try it with bruschetta, focaccia from Bari and stuffed focaccia. The taste with fish dishes is surprising, especially blue fish and lake fish, read our Liquorice and gin scented trout with crispy fennel recipe. And at the end of the meal, why not try Evolution EVOO with an excellent dark chocolate (read our Molten Chocolate Cake recipe)? It accompanies the flavor without covering it, giving a tantalizing pungent sensation in the throat.

Tre Colonne

The extra virgin olive oil manufactory LE TRE COLONNE is established in the town of Giovinazzo, near Bari. The 25 hectares owned by the company are equipped with an irrigation system which provides the correct water amounts to the 7000 cultivated olive trees (almost all centenarians!) of the plantation. Coratina, Ogliarola, Picholine and other Puglia’s small cultivars are the protagonists of the EVO Oil scene of the region.  

TRADITION, TASTE & AUTHENTICITY are the three key pillars of the manufacturer work philosophy. Their experience and capacities allowed them to win a wide range of awards with their 100% Coratina Oil, an extraordinary result in a world market which mainly favours sweet olive oils.

Tre Colonne
Operating office: Cda Caldarola o Trinità s.n.
S.P. 107 Giovinazzo – Terlizzi Km 0,200
70054 Giovinazzo (Bari) – Italy
email: info@letrecolonne.com
Tel. 080.8594360
Cell. +39 393/89.03.760 | + 39 347/52.20.457

Terroir & Region


Puglia, or Apulia, is one of the Southern regions of Italy. This area is the heart of Italian olive oil production, and when you try EVO oil from Apulia it’s almost as if you could taste the product of the region’s wellness, and when this extraordinary setting meets the enormous skills of the producers and millers of Apulia, you are sure to try one of the best expressions of Extra virgin olive oil.
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Cultivar / Olive variety


Coratina is an olive cultivar typical of Puglia. It’s one of the cultivars with the highest concentration of polyphenols, organic molecules with natural antioxidant characteristics, which confers the oil its strong bitter and pungent notes.

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