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Thank you to Az. Evo Sicily for sending us their Embrace EVOO.

ProducerAzienda Agricola Evo Sicily s.s.
Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarNocellara del belice 80%,Biancolilla 20%
RegionSicily (Menfi)
Harvesting MethodHandpicking
Extraction MethodContinuous, two phases – Cold Extracted
MillingWithin 6h of collection
Tasted onSept 2020

EVOO – Food pairing advice

To an EVO oil enthusiast, few things are more exciting than to be able to recognise in a product the imprint given by its territory, and its uniqueness; in most EVO oils, this signature is often given by its cultivars, which express themselves in a unique and different way depending on the area where they have been cultivated. In blended EVO oils, this characteristic may get lost in the mix, fading in intensity, being put aside in favour of the research for particular tastes and flavors appreciated by customers. Luckily, that does not happen in EVOsì EVOO – the special characteristics of the Sicilian land, its strong contrasts in flavors and landscapes, coexist within EVOsì EVO oil, whose taste leads us to a hand in hand walk with the Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla cultivars; their presence is perfectly recognizable and detectable both on the nose and on the palate, and although the two varieties well harmonized together, they preserve their distinctive identities. The result is an extra virgin olive oil which differs from both cultivars, presenting both the intensity and depth of Nocellara and the grace and sweetness of the Biancolilla variety, which make Evosì perfect to go with fresh simple dishes, either meat or fish based, but especially those characterized by fruity and floral notes, also succeeding in the arduous task of pairing a dessert.

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Appearance & Visual Analysis

EVOSì EVOO is of a bright lemon yellow colour; light lime green highlights are also detectable to the eye.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

On the olfactory analysis, EVOSì EVO oil is gentle, with medium/light vegetable notes of flavour enriched by aromatic tones and fruit. Among the most perceptible aromas, we find notes of fresh grass, asparagus, artichoke, lettuce, celery, walnut, and bitter and sweet almond, which bind together with some delicate white pepper spiciness. At the end of our analysis we can also perceive some floral aromas, made of a rich bouquet of white flowers, fruit scents (green and yellow apples in particular) and a touch of aromatic herbs (i.e. basil).

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



At the taste, EVOSì oil is pleasantly perceived in all its delicacy, balanced by a bitterness which is not at all intrusive but well blended in the EVOO taste. On the palate, we perceive vegetable hints of chard, lettuce and celery, followed by flavours of almond and walnut. A light hint of basil, already perceived in the olfactory analysis, closes the picture.
Pungency is perceived in the aftertaste, rekindling and prolonging the presence of EVOSì EVO oil flavours in the mouth.

We love it with…

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The delicate taste and elegance of EVOSì makes it perfect to go in combination with vegetarian, vegan and fish recipes on top of all, but also with sweets and fruit, a difficult task which EVOSì EVO oil manages to do with great results.
You should especially try EVOSì in combination with fish dishes, and those characterized by a delicate taste, short cooking time and soft flavors among all, like shellfish. Some recipes for which we recommend this pairing are: savory pink sauce puffs (made with a mayonnaise prepared with EVOSì olive oil, datterini tomatoes and shrimp cream), mixed fish or crab meatballs (to be served as finger food), squid and courgette risotto, or citrus fruits flavoured lobster linguine.
Combine EVOSì EVO oil with vegetable dishes, from appetizers to main courses. Try it a crudo with jiaozi (a kind of Chinese dumplings, most common in China and other East Asian countries) stuffed with vegetables or fish to add some flavour layers and boost to the taste, or on mixed cereal salads (e.g. quinoa and steamed vegetables), zucchini and carrot carpaccio, cucumber and yogurt cream spread, and corn salad. You can also use EVOSì oil to prepare an excellent homemade Tzatziki.

Added a crudo, EVOSì olive oil can also go on first courses such as leek and walnut sauce ravioli, courgette flowers fusilli, and vegetable risotto; it is also pairable to vegetable soup (e.g. cauliflower soup).
And why not combine it with white meats! Try it on grilled chicken served with avocado and mint.

We paired it with a New York-style baked cheesecake. We used it both in the base and a crudo, adding just a drizzle of EVOSì olive oil just before serving. Read the full recipe here.
EVOSì oil gives floral and balsamic hints that harmonize with the sweet notes of honey and figs, enhancing the vegetable scents.

Azienda Agricola Evo Sicily s.s.

To talk of Embrace EVOO is to talk about high quality, and to talk about one of the areas most suited to olive growing of the whole Italian peninsula. Embrace EVOO has in itself all the courage and strength of two women who, over the years, have been able to grasp the teaching of their ancestors while also innovating their production techniques. The high quality of the product and its uniqueness are also certified by the PGI mark, a testament to the producers’ respect for their Sicilian territory and its distinctiveness.

Azienda Agricola Evo Sicily s.s.
Via della vittoria Cort. 2/A n.26/A
Menfi (AG) – Sicily
Tel +39 393 9170166 • +39 339 4361346
Evoembrace website

Terroir & Region


Sicily is one of the two main Italian islands, a land where every province, city and corner is unique. This extraordinary heterogeneity is also recognisable in the gastronomic products (i.e. wines, tomatoes, citrus, eggplants and many delicious recipes) which make the island famous all over the world. In Sicily there are 6 EVO Oil PDOs: Valli Trapanesi, Valle del Belice, Val Demone, Val di Mazara, Monti Iblei, Monte Etna. It asl has one PGI: Sicily.
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Nocellara del Belice & Biancolilla

Biancolilla (also known as Bianca, Bianchetto and Biancolina) is considered one of the oldest Italian olive cultivars. The name Biancolilla comes from the color of the drupes, which during veraison changes from a very light green to purple.
Nocellara del Belice is an autochthonous Sicilian cultivar known for its EVO oils but also for table consumption of its olives (Nocellara del Belice olives are also a DOP product).
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