Frà Bernardo – Il Conventino di Monteciccardo

ProducerSoc. Agricola “Il Conventino di Monteciccardo
Crop Year2020/2021
RegionMarche (Monteciccardo)
Harvesting MethodMechanical
Extraction MethodContinuous
Tasted onDec 2020

Thank you to Il Conventino di Monteciccardo for sending us their Frà Bernardo EVOO.

EVOO – Food pairing advice

The colour of an extra virgin olive oil depends on many factors – it can be of any shade of colour from green to yellow, and as we know, its colour is not an indicator of quality, it simply changes over time; the majority of olive oils, if observed near the milling, or in their first months of life, appear of a bright green colour.
We can therefore state that colour is an irrelevant characteristic in any extra virgin olive oil… except that in Frà Bernardo EVOO. Green is the leitmotif of Frà Bernardo EVOO’s tasting: of lime green are its luminous reflections, green is the color of the juicy Granny Smith apple we can clearly perceive in the olfactory and gustatory analysis, green are the vegetable and almond aromas which characterize its taste on the palate, green is the EU organic logo which Conventino di Monteciccardo can proudly showcase, and (last but not least) green is the colour of the wonderful area of Pesaro (Marche, central Italy) where the company is immersed, surrounded by its own vineyards and olive groves.
We have reviewed Frà Pasquale EVOO by the same manufacturer in May (read more), and back then we had already shown no doubts about the quality of Conventino di Monteciccardo’s products – Frà Bernardo was a strong confirmation of holding in our hands some of the best expressions of extra virgin olive oil from central Italy.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Frà Bernardo EVO oil is of an intense bright apple green colour, which invites us to taste it.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

Frà Bernardo EVOO has the ability to clearly evoke a very pleasant fruity note of green apple, and a delicate scent of jujube; immediately after, we meet its vegetable aromas of tomato leaf, fresh grass, artichoke, bitter almond, thistle, green olive and olive leaf. A picture which is then masterfully completed by a perfume of jasmine flower, a delicate note of basil, and a hint of spiciness of green pepper.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



At the taste, Frà Bernardo EVO oil shows wonderful elegance: artichoke, rocket and celery aromas intertwine with characteristic notes of green apple, and the spiciness of white pepper; those flavours are then followed by tones of bitter almonds, walnut husks, pine nuts, and aromatic herbs such as basil and oregano. Its elegance is also emphasized in the balance of the palate which is created by the sensation of bitter and pungency, present but not at all intrusive.

We love it with…

Learn how to pair food and EVOO with our BEA Method.

The elegant and distinctive fruitiness of Frà Bernardo EVO oil makes it perfect in combination with different types of food, from vegetables to fish, up to more particular and delicious fruit, milk-based sweets or cream desserts pairings.
Frà Bernardo EVOO is suitable to go on mixed appetizers made of meat, vegetables or fish, and fresh cheese such as giuncata, ricotta and mozzarella; it is also excellent on vegetable-based first courses, or in fish risotto.
Frà Bernardo EVOO pairs well with second courses of white meat (i.e. pork, chicken, turkey), and traditional seafood-based dishes prepared in different cooking styles: acqua pazza, baked, steamed, stewed, cooked in a pot, or grilled.
Thanks to the presence of elegant and easily recognizable fruity notes of flavour, Frà Bernardo is excellent to enrich fruit salads and fruit desserts! Try it on pannacotta – amazing!

We paired Frà Bernardo EVOO with spaghetti with fresh clams – the vegetable notes and aromatic herbs aromas further enrich the flavour of the dish, with the fruitiness of the apple acting as a “manteca“, biding all the different flavours together and adding yet another component to the preparation, strongly characterizing the final taste of the dish.

Conventino di Monteciccardo

“Both our vineyards and our winery are in Monteciccardo, a place where the four seasons still alternate with great precision and Nature accomplishes its cycle as people almost do not expect anymore.. The memory of our own roots is living in our grandfather Ilario and in his hands. He has been growing vineyards since forever and he has been producing wine since he was a young man, when the important issue was to have good wine, not a good packaging.. We preserve our grandfather’s memories as the most precious gift. These have become our flagship. We have improved and developed his knowledge and experience by studying and by refining scientific research.. Inspired by Ilario, today we are pioneers in the production of wine and extra virgin olive oil. We have been working to make the essence of this land shareable thanks to a line of products that are healthy and long-lived.. Our philosophy is based on the respect of the circle of life, both in the vineyard as in the olive tree grove.. Freshness and green tones, from sage to balsamic notes, salinity and complexity are our signatures.” From Il Conventino website.

Conventino di Monteciccardo
Via G. Turcato, 4
61024 Monteciccardo (PU)
Marche – Italy
Il Conventino website

Terroir & Region


Olive cultivation in the Marche region is widely spread across the whole territory, but can especially be found on its hills, enclosed within the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic sea. The development of olive cultivation culture is historically linked to the influence of the Papal State. Marche olives are known both for their use in the production of olive oils – characterized by a medium intensity and green vegetable notes – but also for their use in the popular regional street food recipe of “Olive all’Ascolana”. Discover other regions.

Cultivar / Olive Variety


Ascolana is a cultivar from which an excellent quality EVO oil is obtained, a variety widespread especially throughout the province of Ascoli Piceno. The cultivar is characterized by large and fleshy drupes, which makes them a must-have for their use in the kitchen. It has a late ripening and the olive oil yield production is medium. The typical Ascolana-based EVO oil is characterized by herbaceous notes, and a light tomato scent. Discover other cultivars.