Frantoio Ciccolella

Years of experience (since 1878) meticulously handed down from father to son, millenary olive trees and characteristic Apulian cultivars cultivated and cared for in one of the most symbolic territories of Italian olive growing (the province of Bari): it is in this wonderful terroir that the Ciccolella family carefully intertwines innovation and tradition to offer us high quality products.

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children”: this is their philosophy. This is our story of Ciccolella products, well-characterized and defined EVO oils which tell us about their origins through the aromas and flavors of the Apulian lands.


Monocultivar of Ogliarola barese, lemon-yellow colour. It has a light / medium fruitiness, characterized by notes of bitter almond, citrus aromas of lemon and fruit, marjoram, pink pepper. It has a good amount of herbaceous and vegetable flavors (lettuce, rocket and fennel). In the mouth it has a good balance between bitter and pungent, and you can perceive vegetable aromas of rocket, almond and lime. Excellent on a Bruschetta with burrata, dried tomatoes and red prawns.

Organic Cru

Blend of Coratina + Ogliarola barese, it has a bright lemon yellow color. The olfactory analysis highlights light but easily recognizable aromas of: cut grass, almond, apple, green tomato, lettuce, thistle and white flowers. In the mouth the bitter component is more delicate, and the pungency stands out pleasantly. Aromas of tomato, almond, pine nut, green and white pepper, Mediterranean and aromatic herbs are recognized. Excellent with egg recipes, desserts and fruit.


Blend of Coratina and ogliarola barese with lime green reflections. At the olfactory analysis the EVO oil has a slight intensity, as for its organic “cousin”. Herbaceous notes prevail: cut grass, green apple, Mediterranean herbs (sage, basil), thistle and lettuce. In the mouth it is well balanced with good notes of bitter almond and lettuce. We recommend it on mixed salads and vegetables.


Monocultivar of Coratina with a bright lime green color. It has an intense fruitiness. The typical scents of the cultivar immediately stand out: rocket, white pepper, bitter almond, together with oregano and basil. When tasted, the sensation of bitterness prevails upon pungency, with pleasant balsamic, citrus (grapefruit), almond, pine nuts and rocket hints. Chicory and liquorice scents are also recognizible. What do you think? It is better on a Steamed mussels with pepper or on a skirt steak?

Cagnara – PDO Terra di Bari – Bitonto

Monocultivar Coratina. Its color is bright lime green. You can recognize hints of bitter almond, artichoke, chicory, tomato leaf, fresh spinach, white pepper and white flowers. When tasted it expresses an intense but not invasive sensation of pungent and bitter: it has citrus flavors, together with aromatic herbs, rocket, chicory and a mix of pepper. Perfect on first courses with homemade pasta with fresh tomato sauces, or with pappardelle with wild boar ragù.