Frisella with Swordfish & Burrata

Ingredients for Frisella

  • 3 red cherry tomatoes
  • 3 yellow cherry tomatoes
  • 3 frisella
  • 3 slices of raw swordfish, marinated
  • 200g burrata cheese
  • oregano, salt and Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Preparation Time5 mins
LevelVery easy
Servings2 persons

Summer is ending, but if you still want to enjoy a delicious summer dish try our frisella (or frise/rusk bread, a typical Apulian durum wheat tarallo) with burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes (red and yellow, to eat with your eyes first!) and marinated swordfish, a truly mouth-watering easy recipe!
Fun fact – our friend Chiara from San Marzano di San Giuseppe (Taranto) told us a beautiful story about the frise: to season their friselle, Apulians used to wet them directly in sea water! Due to hygienic reasons though, today they simply use salt instead.

We paired our frisella with Embrace EVOO, whose green flavour notes help binding all the ingredients’ flavours together; in addition to that, its natural pungency, never too invasive, cleans up the whole mouth at every taste, preparing the palate each time for another bite! Read our Embrace EVOO review here.


  1. Slightly wet the frisella with water. You should use just enough water to make the frisella easy to chew on; as soon as you feel the frisa softening up, leave it to rest on a dry surface for 1 minute.
  2. Add a drizzle of EVO oil directly on the frisella.
  3. Open the burrata with your hands; put a piece of it on the frisa.
  4. Cut the cherry tomatoes in halves or quarters. Put an amount of tomato of your choice on the burrata.
  5. Cut the raw marinated swordfish into thin slices and place them on top of the tomatoes, one per frisa.
  6. Season your frisella with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and salt. Enjoy!

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