Grand Cru Musignano – I&P

ProducerAz. Agr. Ione Zobbi
Crop Year2020/2021
CultivarCanino 100%
Harvesting Method
Extraction MethodContinuous, two phases – Cold Extraction
Millingwithin 4h from harvesting
Tasted onMay 2021

Thank you to I&P for sending us their Grand Cru Musignano EVOO.

EVOO – Food pairing advice: Grand Cru Musignano

The careful valorization of each olive tree, carried out by the Zobbi farm, is objectively a concept light years away from the world of extra virgin olive oils (even of good quality): it is much closer to the world of wine. I&P is either in the wrong era, advancing decades to the current production standard, or to the wrong kind of culture, as its bottles are closer to a Bordeaux Premier Cru wine than a Caninese monocultivar EVOO. In both cases, the emotion that gives us tasting one of only 800 bottles (signed and traced one by one by the producer) of the Grand Cru Musignano 2020 EVOO can be summarized in 3 concepts: cleanliness, elegance and extreme quality. There is not the slightest defect or sensory smudge, and moreover the aromas and flavors that explode on the palate, together with the perfectly balanced bitter and pungent sensations are immediately and perfectly recognizable. From cut grass to apple and clementine leaf, from green pepper to bitter almond, to white pepper and rocket, it’s almost a shame to taste Grand Cru Musignano EVOO without pairing it with every imaginable recipe (especially with vegetables). It would take a chalice to 100% honor it.

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Appearance & Visual Analysis

Visually, Musignano Grand Cru EVO oil has a vivid lemon yellow colour.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

On the olfactory level, the Monocultivar Caninese Grand Cru Musignano is complex and varied with perfumes ranging from vegetable to fruity, reaching delicate spicy and aromatic herbs. Aromas of artichoke, thistle, broad beans, lettuce, rocket and tomato leaf are recognized, accompanied by olive leaf and cut grass. The complexity of the Grand Cru Musignano keeps going with a spiciness of green pepper and an aromatic bouquet of basil, mint and marjoram. A green apple and a light mandarin aroma is also perceived.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



In terms of taste, Musignano Grand Cru EVO oil lets you perceive its broad vegetable imprint with hints of green pepper, artichoke, broad beans, fennel, rocket and chicory. Follow aromas of bitter almond and walnut, bay leaf, white pepper and green pepper combined with a delicate apple taste. The bitter sensation is firm and elegant. The pungent one is felt in the final phase of the gustatory analysis and helps to clean the palate and create a perfect balance sensation.

We love it with…

The great taste of Musignano Grand Cru pairs perfectly with strong tasty dishes. However, its fine, elegant and delicate aromas invite us to enjoy it also with pasta, rice, bread and pizza. These recipes are certainly the ideal choice for this extra virgin olive oil, especially if accompanied by cold cuts, meat or fresh and medium-aged cheeses. Excellent with soups and vegetable creams, especially if you like to perceive the flavor of the EVO oil to the palate.

You should try it with meat rolls, timbales of pasta, courgette parmesan, mixed skewers, Italian cured meats and cheeses, bruschetta (read our special bruschetta recipes and their combinations with extra virgin olive oils), ancient grain pasta or cereal soups, bread dumplings (read also our Strangolapreti recipe). Taste it with egg pasta recipes and vegetable creams (based on peas, asparagus, radicchio and gorgonzola, carrots with ginger, zucchini and mint and so on). With gourmet pizzas it is an obvious tasty pairing (take a cue from some toppings among our pizza-extra virgin olive oil pairing tips).

Some aromas and flavors of this EVO oil immediately suggested the combination with a fantastic spring first course: risotto with pecorino cream, crispy bacon and fresh broad beans. The vegetal and fruity scents of Grand Cru Musignano enhance the taste of the beans. The pungent note of the EVOO accompanies the strong flavor of the pancetta, while the creaminess of the pecorino is cleaned of the bitter note of the EVO oil. This makes the dish much more balanced and pleasant on the palate.

I&P – Az. Agr. Ione Zobbi


“The concept behind the farm was an ambitious one: maximize the potential of the small olive groves scattered around the house to bring out the best of the monovarietal oils in their home territory to create gourmet oils with a broad range of flavors and aromas.

The producers of I&P oil are committed to making available the variety of essential flavors of monoculture oils (more precisely, monovarietal oils because they are produced from a single variety of olive) and the variability of their flavor year-after-year without attempting to maintain the taste of the oil artificially “constant” through mixing with other varieties.”

Strada comunale della Sala , 12 –
01011 Canino (VT)
Lazio – Italy
Tel: +39 392 1058829
I&P website

Terroir & Region


Lazio is the region which hosts Italy’s capital city, Rome. Olive culture started in Lazio millenia ago, reaching its maximum prestige during Roman age. Today olive culture is spreading all over the region, especially in the Lazio area of its major lakes and hills, and in the southern zone, the so-called Ciociaria. The most widespread and autochthonous varieties are: Itrana (best known as “Oliva di Gaeta”), Caninese, Carboncella, Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo.
Read more about Italian regions.

Cultivar / Olive variety


Canino, also called Canina, Caninese and Montignoso, is a very common cultivar in Lazio, especially in the province of Viterbo, from which it takes its name and where the PDO Canino is also born. Canino plants are, on average, resistant to cold temperatures and parasites. Canino olives show a medium-late veraison and the olive oil yield is medium. Canino-based EVO oils have medium levels of bitterness and pungency and express vegetal and aromatic scents. Discover more about cultivars.