Homemade Hummus Recipe with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hummus Ingredients

  • 500g pre-cooked chickpeas
  • 40ml water
  • 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ lime juice
  • 1 clove of garlic or ¼ red onion of Tropea
  • 2 tsp of sweet paprika,
  • Salt, pepper and parsley to taste
Preparation Time10 mins
LevelVery easy
Serves6 people

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip/spread today famous all over the world, traditionally prepared with mashed chickpeas and sesame seeds paste (Tahini); it is widely used as a condiment for pita and falafel or with Injera bread, but can also be served as a dip for appetizers (e.g. with fresh vegetables, as in pinzimonio) or with Piadina. 

How to make hummus? We decided to prepare hummus without Tahini, choosing a Peranzana based extra virgin olive oil by Azienda Agricola Lamedica Oleum (Torremaggiore, Apulia) instead; we chose this monocultivar EVO oil because we believe that its vegetable notes and Mediterranean scent really manage to give more character to this preparation.


  1. Mash together the chickpeas and red onion (or garlic) in a mixer until the texture gets creamy. Add the water and mix again.
  2. Add to the mix the extra virgin olive oil and lime juice.
  3. Season your dip with the paprika, and salt, pepper and parsley to taste.

We ate our hummus on a piadina (read our piadina recipe here) with fresh carrots and cucumbers – so tasty! Thanks to Azienda Agricola Lamedica Oleum for sending its EVO Oil.