How to make a creamy risotto without butter

How to Make Risotto


100 g of rice for a risotto for 2 people
200ml white wine
~700ml warm broth or water
1 tsp salt
Seasoning and additional ingredients, to taste

Cooking Time30-45 min
Yield2 Servings


The classical Italian recipe for risotto has two ingredients which you can never miss to add to your preparation: a splash of wine at the start, and butter to mantecare at the end, to make the risotto creamier.

However, we at Extraevo want to suggest a way to replace butter with extra virgin olive oil which will still make your recipe super tasty and creamy!

  1. In a nonstick pan, cook the ingredients you want to make your risotto with (e.g. to prepare risotto al sugo, with tomato sauce, follow our recipe for homemade tomato sauce here);
  2. When your preparation is cooked, put it on a plate to rest; in the same pan, add some EVO oil; once hot, add the rice and let it roast for max 1 min on high heat (be careful not to burn it!);
  3. add 200 ml of white wine and let the rice absorb it almost completely;
  4. start adding water/broth (vegetable or meat broth, to your preference) 2 ladles at a time until the rice absorbs the liquid, and mix. Repeat this step until the rice is 1’ away from being perfectly cooked. Always stir your risotto during the process to help the rice release the starch – this is the secret for a super creamy risotto!
  5. add the seasoning and the previously cooked additions;
  6. continue to stir; if the recipe calls for it, you can now add some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.
  7. Add extra virgin olive oil a crudo, 1 tsp per person; mix.

How do you know when it is ready to be served? The rice grains must be al dente yet not hard to chew, and it must be creamy, not sticky, nor watery.

If you liked the idea, we have some delicious suggestions which can be easily prepared without butter:

  • With radicchio, or radicchio and sausage
  • With asparagus, or asparagus and salmon
  • With tomato sauce
  • With vegetables, spinach or chard
  • Mushroom risotto, or with mushrooms and speck
  • With four cheeses, or with four cheeses and strawberries
  • With Saffron
  • With zucchini, or shrimp and zucchini
  • With Anchovy
  • With Pumpkin, or with pumpkin and prosciutto cotto
  • With Truffle
  • With Balsamic vinegar
  • Fennel and licorice
  • With leek and bacon
  • With Seafoods

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