Nonno Peppe – Rotella

ProducerRotella Olii
Crop Year2020/2021
RegionCalabria (Tiriolo)
Harvesting MethodManual
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold Extracted
Tasted onJune 2021

Thank you to Rotella olii for sending us their Nonno Peppe EVOO.

EVOO – Food pairing advice: Nonno Peppe

Calabria is the second Italian region for olive oil production, but it still does not enjoy the same fame as its southern “sister”: Puglia.

Only extra virgin olive oils, such as “Nonno Peppe”, can make you understand what passionate people like the Rotella family are capable of, lovingly caring for the Carolea olive trees located at over 600 meters above sea level.

The result is an extra virgin olive oil much different from the one that Rotella’s grandfather, Giuseppe Michele Rotella, made with the “traditional” method in his time, but which would make him proud of the growth and the many awards obtained today by his family.

“Nonno Peppe” is an EVO oil characterized by the scent of Mediterranean herbs, green vegetables and pepper. A balanced but decisive bitter note and a pungent sensation make it tasty with bruschetta, soups, and meats.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Nonno Peppe di Rotella Olii has a bright lemon yellow color, with reflections that tend towards gold.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

Nonno Peppe, organic extra virgin olive oil, on the olfactory examination is characterized by the typical aromas of its cultivar: the Carolea. It has a medium fruitiness and aromas, mainly, of green leafy vegetables such as artichoke, thistle, rocket and lettuce. The bitter almond is present as well as the cut grass. These perfumes are followed by balsamic notes and Mediterranean herbs (mint, oregano, thyme) and a delicate fruity apple. The final spiciness of green and black pepper is present but not too intrusive.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



In terms of taste, Nonno Peppe extra virgin olive oil is able to express a good level of bitterness and a balanced and persistent pungency. Mediterranean herbs are present, with rosemary and marjoram, along with bitter almonds and pine nuts. The taste of green and yellow apples becomes intense and very appreciable. To close its complexity the bitter “green” sensation of artichokes, rocket and chicory.

We love it with…

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Carolea is a strong and decisive cultivar: balanced but well present in its hints of apple, green vegetables, and almond. That’s why we recommend the combination of Nonno Peppe EVO oil, whose aromas are also enriched by hints of Mediterranean herbs (rosemary, marjoram, oregano and mint), with bruschetta, legume and vegetable soups, velvety, red meats and why not , Pizza!

We are waiting for nothing more than to have a fragrant Tropea onion and a Calabrian sausage in our hands to try Nonno Peppe EVOO with a delicious red pizza topped with these two wonderful ingredients typical of the Calabrian territory.

Rotella olii

Azienda Agricola Rotella was founded in 1940 in Tiriolo by Giuseppe Michele Rotella, as a family-run artisan company, dedicated to the cultivation and production of olive oil.

The Rotella company was born in the mountains of Tiriolo, at 690 above sea level. It is located north of the Catanzaro isthmus, on a knoll that marks the watershed between the valley of the Amato river on the Tyrrhenian side and that of the Corace river on the Ionian side. The north-eastern part is leaning against the rocky walls of a limestone spike.

Thanks to these geological characteristics, which have always favored the cultivation of the olive tree, the Rotella company puts in place the commitment and love that for generations has seen growing and taking care of its plants. Their Carolea trees reach an extension of about 200 hectares”.

Az. Agr. Rotella
Viale Mazzini, 214,
88056 Tiriolo (CZ)
Calabria – Italy
Rotella olii website

Terroir & Region


 is the tip of the Italian boot, and one of the regions with the highest level of olive oil production along with Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany. It is historically proven that olive growing was introduced in those lands by Greek colonists. The climate of this southern region is strongly influenced by its wild mountainous territory, which pushes the altitude of the olive groves up to 200 m / 400 m above sea level. 

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Cultivar / Olive Variety


Carolea is a widespread cultivar in Southern Italy, especially in Calabria. Carolea is characterized by medium oil yield production, and its EVO oils are known to express apple, almond, and artichoke hints of flavours. Carolea olives are also used as table olives.
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