Ramen with pork loin and leek


250 g pork loin, 5 thin slices
20 ml Purpureum EVO oil
2 eggs

For the broth
1 potato
1 leek
2 carrots
1,5 lt water
1 sachet of herbal tea
1 glass of soy sauce

For the pasta
100 g Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina
50 g buckwheat
100 ml of water
2 tbsp Purpureum EVO oil

Preparation Time20 mins
Cooking Time1 h
Servings2 persons

Ramen is a typical dish of Japanese cuisine that has now spread all over the world. For those unfamiliar with it, it consists of a base of meat, fish or vegetable broth in which noodles (similar to spaghetti) are dipped. These are combined, according to the recipe, with various ingredients (slices of meat or fish, soft-hearted eggs, vegetables, seaweed). The alternatives to date are so many!

We prepared ramen with vegetable broth (with potatoes, leeks and carrots), spaghetti with Cappelli semola flour and buckwheat, loin, leeks, carrots and eggs. It is a rich dish, but with delicate flavors.
It is precisely for this reason that we decided to combine it with a Monocultivar Caninese EVO oil: Purpureum (read also our review). Thanks to its balance it binds the flavors of the dish, without prevailing over the taste of the ingredients. Purpureum EVOO also gives a slight pungent sensation which helps to clean the palate.

And you? What would you match with? Watch our video recipe!

Directions for Ramen

Watch our video recipe.

  1. Peel the potato and carrot. Remove the ends of the leeks. Add half a leek, potatoes, carrots and tea bag to 1.5 liters of cold water.
  2. Bring to a boil on the lowest heat, covering the pot with the lid: in this way you will have an extraction of the flavors from the vegetables at a “low” temperature. Leave it on the fire for about 1 hour and a half.
  3. In a saucepan, cook the eggs. Put them to boil in cold water. Drain after 4-5 minutes from boiling.
  4. Prepare the dough by mixing the two flours (semola Cappelli and buckwheat). Add Purpureum EVO oil and gradually the cold water. Mix well with your hands, for at least 10 minutes, until a homogeneous and smooth mass is formed. Leave to rest for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Cut the leeks into rings and brown them in a pan with 1 tablespoon of Purpureum EVO oil over medium heat. Leave to soften for about 5/7 minutes.
  6. Massage the pork with Purpureum EVO oil on both sides. Leave to rest for 10 minutes. Heat a skillet over high heat for 2-3 minutes and cook the pork slices (about 1-2 minutes per side).
  7. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin and semolina flour until you get a fairly thin sheet. Fold the dough into 4 parts on itself forming a handkerchief, flour it well. Cut them into strips of the size you prefer. Add the semolina again to prevent sticking.
  8. Boil the pasta in abundant salted water for about 6 minutes.
  9. Serve the pasta in a bowl, add the broth, pork, eggs and sauteed leek.
  10. Add a nice drizzle of Purpureum EVO oil and enjoy your ramen!

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