Ruxia – Sommariva

Crop Year2020/2021
CultivarBlend: Taggiasche, Pignola, Merlina, Colombara, Leccina, Frantoiana.
RegionLiguria (Albenga)
Harvesting MethodHand Picking
Extraction MethodCold extraction – Continuous two-phase system
Tasted onDec 2020

Thank you to Az. Sommariva for sending us their Ruxia EVOO.

EVOO – Food pairing advice

Italo Calvino once said “Take life lightly!” – lightness, as we have repeatedly mentioned here on Extraevo, is not lack of intensity, aromas or taste; lightness, when it comes to food-EVOO combination, really is harmony, balance, and the ability of the olive oil to adapt to the food without ever dominating its taste. Ruxia EVOO shows a pleasant and seasoned lightness. Mainly made of the typical Ligurian cultivar, the Taggiasca, it is an organic EVO oil which goes well with eggs, cheese and risotto… and let’s not forget its excellent use in the preparation of different sauces and pesto (try using Ruxia for a 5-star homemade mayonnaise!)
Harmonious vegetable hints of flavour, enriched by delicate floral scents and a characteristic fruity note, makes it also excellent to go with other difficult combinations, such as those with fruit and dessert – don’t tell us that you have never tried extra virgin olive oil on panna cotta

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Ruxia EVO oil is of a bright lemon yellow colour; its appearance is slightly opaque due to the unfiltered nature of the product.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

Ruxia EVO oil is an excellent ambassador of the light-fruity EVOOs’ family. The delicacy of its scents gently tickles our senses with hints of olive leaf, hay, Swiss chard, lettuce, sweet almond and olive; this vegetal background is then enriched by delicate fruity aromas of pear, and floral notes of chamomile and jasmine. Last but not least – in Liguria, a light aroma of basil is a must-have of every food and preparation.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



At the taste, Ruxia EVO oil is once again characterized by its delicacy – among the most perceptible scents of flavour, we can find Swiss chard, olive, sweet almond, and pine nut. The pungency is perceived in the aftertaste, in a decidedly elegant and delicate way.

We love it with…

Learn how to pair food and EVOO with our BEA Method.

The delicate imprint and light fruitiness of Ruxia EVO oil makes it suitable for all who love delicate combinations where the EVOO is the companion of the dish and its flavour rather than its main character.
A real must-have on fresh sheep milk cheese, or on ricotta and giuncata; excellent in pairing with hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs (or any other kind of cooking style, to your preference) – in fact, eggs are excellent to go along delicate olive oils, and Ruxia EVOO is a great example within the category.
Ruxia EVOO is also perfect on fish risotto, or delicate-flavored second courses such as steamed fish and shellfish.

Ruxia EVOO delicate taste makes it suitable also to be paired with fruit, and fruit salads, as well as to be used in pastry; we used it to prepare Christmas gingerbread cookies with eucalyptus honey and fresh grated ginger: a perfect combination of taste and flavours!


Love and respect for their land, these are the beliefs of the Sommariva company, which was one of the first Italian manufacturers to obtain organic certification in 1972, and recently also obtained the “Carbon Trust Standard” certification for their commitment to reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The history of Sommariva started five generations ago, as a family business, and today “with an eye to the past and one to the future, it continues its journey along the paths of quality”.

Via G. Mameli, 7 17031 Albenga SV ITALIA
Telefono: +39.0182.543622
FAX: +39.0182.541143
Sommariva Website

Terroir & Region


Liguria presents a very unique landscape: the Alpi mountains directly overlook the sea, making the work of the farmers so difficult that agriculture is somehow defined as “heroic”. But Ligurians never gave up. The peculiar way that they found to facilitate their agri-work was the construction of terracing (typical dry-stone walls) rewarded even by UNESCO as World Heritage. There is one PDO in Liguria: Riviera Ligure.
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Cultivar / Olive Variety


Taggiasca is the main olive variety of Liguria; its name derives from the city of Taggia (Imperia). Thanks to its rich tasty flavour, it is not only used for olive oil production but also consumed as table olive. It usually confers its olive oils elegant notes of almond and nuts.
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