Sabina PDO – Narducci

Thank you to Frantoio Oleario Flli Narducci for sending us their Sabina PDO EVOO.

ProducerFrantoio Oleario Flli Narducci
Crop Year2019/2020
CultivarSalviana, Frantoio, Itrana
RegionLazio (Moricone)
Harvesting MethodManual & mechanical
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold extraction
MillingWithin 12h of collection
CertificationSabina PDO
Tasted onSept 2020

EVOO – Food pairing advice

Sabina EVOO is a PDO produced in the Sabina area (which includes several municipalities in the provinces of Rieti and Rome, in Lazio) using olive varieties typical of that area. For its extra virgin olive oil, Frantoio Oleario F.lli Narducci in Moricone (Rome) uses the Salviana, Frantoio, and Itrana cultivars, and the final product is the result of the experience of three different generations of olive oil manufacturers.
Being an EVO oil able to be paired to a rich variety of dishes without falling flat on them is not an easy task, yet Sabina PDO by Narducci really is able to enhance the taste of most dishes, taking it to higher levels thanks to its balanced high-quality.
Sabina PDO by Narducci is a modern product which combines excellence with authenticity, and it is produced by a company which highly values its respect for the environment – during every phase of the production process, waste materials are either recycled or transformed.
The conditions for excellent EVOO-food combinations are all there, both when it comes to traditional dishes of the area and recipes from all around the world. We played it safe yet used Sabina PDO in combination with a dish which for sure doesn’t pair with just any olive oil are you curious to know which one?

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Sabina PDO EVO oil by Narducci appears of a bright lemon yellow colour, rich in bright green highlights.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

At olfactory level, Sabina PDO EVO oil stands out for its vegetable soul, and the richness of green aromatic scents. The notes of green almond, grass, artichoke, thistle, as well as the gentle and characteristic tones of green tomato flavours, are immediately and clearly perceptible on the nose. A light spicy feeling of white pepper, a rich Mediterranean bouquet of flavours of oregano and mint, and delicate green apple and lemon aromas complete the picture.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



On the palate, the vegetable soul distinguished at olfactory level is perceived in all its strength, right along the medium intensity of Sabina PDO EVO oil bitterness. The aromas of green almond, rocket and chicory prevail above all others, however we can also perceive green and white pepper spiciness, and Mediterranean herbs aromas of oregano. The pungency of Sabina DOP EVO oil – balanced, and of medium intensity – hits the palate in the aftertaste, lasting up in the mouth up to several seconds after the taste.

We love it with…

Learn how to pair EVOO and food on our easy guide: Olive Oil Pairings.

Being an EVO oil suited to all courses is no easy task – pairing an EVOO requires it to have a similar intensity to that of the food, notes of flavour which harmonize with those of the ingredients, and last but not least the ability to each preparation an extra twist to characterize the combination. And Sabina PDO EVO oil does not simply adapt to the dish, but boosts its flavour and takes it to the next level; it is a perfect extra virgin olive oil for bruschetta, pizza, and appetizers, it also goes well with pasta, risotto, mixed salads, and both red and white meat (oven-cooked, grilled or sautéed).
Staying in the Lazio region, we can combine Sabina PDO with traditional pasta all’amatriciana or pasta all’arrabbiata, pasta alla gricia, and pasta with cod fish, broccoli or sausage; it also pairs well with lamb, chicken, sheep and beef in their typical roman preparation, the saltimbocca, and Roman style tripe.
One bruschetta and one gourmet pizza to try – bruschetta with pecorino cream, porchetta di ariccia and Itrana table olives, then for the pizza we suggest the “Lievito, Pizza, Pane” of Rome, with cod fish, tomato concassé, Taggiasca olive, cherry tomato confit, and edible flowers.

We paired Sabina PDO by Narducci with a bruschetta and cheese platter. The acidity of cheese but also its light sweetness make it an excellent combination to the taste of Sabina PDO, whose vegetable soul makes the rich feeling of the cheese lighter on the palate, while also enhancing it with a hint of spiciness.

Frantoio Oleario Flli Narducci

Historical company founded in the heart of the Sabina region by Mario Narducci in 1959. More precisely, the azienda is located in Moricone, a village of nearly 3000 inhabitants near Rome, on a hilly area about 300 meters above sea level. In the area, the company is a central hub for the production of high quality olive oil.
“In all the fragrances and flavors of our products we can find the ancient traditions and discipline passed down in our family generation to generation, years after years. The care put in every single phase of the production, starting from olive cultivation, the importance of healthy agriculture, the application of ancient philosophies constantly integrated by the most advanced technologies geared towards constant innovation and maximum results – for over three generations secrets and values have been handed down to make the best out of our olives, and transform them into the delicious extra virgin olive oil on our tables.”
“Although our brand focuses on making products of absolute excellence, we never forget to value genuineness, and we hold the highest respect for the environment. During our operations, all waste materials are either processed or recycled.”

Piazza Sante Aureli, 2
00010 – Moricone – Roma
Lazio – Italy
+39 0774605800
Frantoio Narducci website

Terroir & Region


Lazio is the region which hosts Italy’s capital city, Rome. Olive culture started in Lazio millenia ago, reaching its maximum prestige during Roman age. Today olive culture is spreading all over the region, especially in the Lazio area of its major lakes and hills, and in the southern zone, the so-called Ciociaria. The most widespread and autochthonous varieties are: Itrana (best known as “Oliva di Gaeta”), Caninese, Carboncella, Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo.
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Cultivar / Olive variety

Salviana, Frantoio, Itrana

Salviana, also called Frecciara, is a cultivar typical of Lazio, and more specifically of the Sabina area. It is one of the most common cultivars used in the production of Sabina PDO EVO oils.
Frantoio is one of the most popular Italian cultivars in the Peninsula and abroad. The Frantoio olive confers EVO oils qualitative notes of bitterness and pungency, and thanks to those characteristics it is easily pairable with different typologies of food.
Itrana, also known as “Oliva di Gaeta”, is a typical olive variety from Lazio. Itrana expresses green vegetables scents, and a characteristic green tomato tone.
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