Tangere Stellas – Az. Agr. Il Frantoio

ProducerAz. Agr. Il Frantoio
Crop Year2020/2021
CultivarPicholine 100%
RegionApulia (Ostuni)
Harvesting Method
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold Extracted
Tasted onFeb 2021

Thank you to Az. Agr. Il Frantoio for sending us their Tangere Stellas EVOO.

EVOO – Food pairing advice: Tangere Stellas

To follow the rhythms of nature requires commitment, as it does to harvest olives at the right time, and to protect them sustainably throughout the year; it requires gentleness, the same we find in the Tangere Stellas Organic EVO oil by Az. Agr. Il Frantoio. It requires innovation, which led the Balestrazzi family to convert their company into an organic one from the beginning; it requires respect for its roots, the same respect reserved for the centuries-old trees of the estate of the Tanzarella family, who has owned it for 500 years. Sometimes it also requires a pinch of luck, that of being situated just a few kilometers from the sea and the Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere, between Torre Canne and Torre San Leonardo, near the wonderful Ostuni, in the upper Salento, a land rich in life, tales and contrasts.
It so requires commitment and sacrifice, but when one succeeds, they can literally “touch the stars” (Tangere Stellas, the name of the olive oil, comes from the Latin meaning of the family name Tanzarella – literally, “touching the stars”), as showcased by the beautiful label of this product. The result is a “natural” extra virgin olive oil: balanced, delicate, yet at the same time rich in character, capable of going on both traditional dishes and the culinary challenges of the new millennium.

Read our recipe with Tangere Stellas EVOO!

Appearance & Visual Analysis

Tangere Stellas extra virgin olive oil is of a bright lime green colour, with rich lemon yellow hues.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

Tangere Stellas organic EVO oil delicately tickles our senses with its flavour hints of aromatic herbs, which intertwine with those of more vegetable and spicy tones; it immediately expresses itself with notes of artichoke, bitter almond and walnut, followed by delicate hints of green tomato, asparagus, grass, thistle, olive, and chicory. Then follow tones of aromatic herbs (basil and marjoram), and a very delicate scent of yellow and, in the closing, white flowers mixed with an elegant spicy hint of white pepper.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



On the palate, Tangere Stellas EVO oil is delicate, with light to medium bitter and pungent sensations; it is the dried fruit component to prevail among all, with notes of sweet and bitter almond, walnut, hazelnut, and light chestnut. The vegetable aromas already perceived at olfactory level come back during the tasting – artichoke, lettuce, asparagus, and light chicory, as well as other aromatic herbs, basil and marjoram in particular.

We love it with…

Learn how to pair food and EVOO with our BEA Method.

Tangere Stellas organic EVO oil is characterized by medium/light fruitiness, and by medium to light sensations of bitterness and pungency, therefore it should be paired with foods of not too intrusive flavour; some examples?

Fish, vegetables (e.g. tomato, courgette, lettuce), salads or egg; when paired to these foods, Tangere Stellas EVOO is able to express itself at its best by giving elegance to the dish, linking flavours together and enriching the preparation with vegetable and aromatic notes.

Tangere Stellas EVO oil is excellent to be enjoyed on cold fish appetizers (also our choice of pairing!): mussels, sea urchins, shrimps, cuttlefish, octopus and salmon make a perfect match with Tangere Stellas Bio extra virgin olive oil; just like that with white fish, or fleshy sea bream, or blue fish as well; prefer light cooking methods, so that the fish can be simply accompanied and enriched by the flavour of EVO oil in an ideal combination.

Why not try Tangere Stellas on recipes with eggs as the main protagonists? Try adding a nice drizzle of EVO oil to your poached eggs and then come back to tell us about it!

Tangere Stellas EVO oil is also excellent in combination with vegetarian recipes or mixed salads (also those enriched by fruit such as melon or pineapple); try it also on white meat based recipes, on turkey, and pork patties or burgers.

Tangere Stellas EVOO is then the touch of class on milk-based desserts, panna cotta and ice cream among all; a few drops of Tangere olive oil is enough to give character and uniqueness to your recipe.

We have created a very tasty and tropical recipe with very simple ingredients: a salmon tartare with a base of “Mediterranean” guacamole and toasted almonds, with a finishing touch of grated coconut, and passion fruit. How to mix such different ingredients and flavours all together, with the best result? That is possible only thanks to the elegance added by Tangere Stellas EVO oil! Try it yourself following our video recipe!

The floral tones of Tangere Stellas extra virgin olive oil enhance the flavours of the avocado and the salmon, as the vegetable notes of the olive oil “degrease” the taste of the preparation, leaving the mouth clean; moreover, the spicy sensation of the EVO oil, and the aromatic herbs scents, add depth to the recipe.

Az. Agr. Il Frantoio

Since 1500 Masseria il Frantoio has been the answer to all the traveler who was wondering where to stay in Puglia. We transformed this ancient farmhouse in one of the most genuine hotels in Puglia where culture and tradition mingle and weave together with research and modernity. Located in the countryside near Ostuni and surrounded by the gorgeous landscapes of thousand-year-old olive trees, Masseria Il Frantoio is that corner of Italy that you’ve always dreamed to experience.

All of our six rooms tell the stories of a past marked by the seasons and the sea, when happiness was a simple thought and nature was considered as a family member. You will love the details and comfort of the rooms designed for the needs of a single guest, a couple or a family. And this is just the beginning.

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Terroir & Region


Puglia, or Apulia, is one of the Southern regions of Italy. This area is the heart of Italian olive oil production, and when you try EVO oil from Apulia it’s almost as if you could taste the product of the region’s wellness, and when this extraordinary setting meets the enormous skills of the producers and millers of Apulia, you are sure to try one of the best expressions of Extra virgin olive oil.
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Cultivar / Olive Variety


Picholine is one of the most representative cultivars of the French territory, especially of Provence. Today it is widespread in other countries as well, Italy included, and has its maximum diffusion in Puglia. One of the characteristics of Picholine olives is the easy detachment of their pulp from the stone, which makes them suitable (and famous) as cocktail olives, too. Picholine-based EVO oils show elegant vegetal and fruity notes of flavour, with hints of fresh grass and green tomato.
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