The producer’s reserve, Sardegna PDO – Accademia Olearia

ProducerAccademia Olearia
Crop Year2020/2021
CultivarBlend Bosana & Semidana
RegionSardinia (Alghero)
Harvesting MethodMechanical
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold Extracted
Tasted onJan 2021

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EVOO – Food pairing advice: The producer’s reserve

The PDO (protected designation of origin) is a trademark which guarantees the quality and territorial origin of a product. Sardegna PDO means cultivation and manufacturing within the Sardinian territory, and the use of the Bosana (as in this case), Tonda di Cagliari, Nera di Villacidro and/or Semidana cultivars (at least 80% of the olive oil composition).
The path followed for the production of this Sardegna PDO is an extremely qualitative one, linked, within reasons, to a local supply chain (zero kilometres) in which the selected olives are harvested at the right point of ripeness and then pressed within a very short time in the Accademia Olearia mill.
The final result? A delicate EVO oil characterized by vegetable and fruity flavours, and dried fruit aromas, which make Sardegna PDO by Accademia Olearia easy to be combined with many recipes: from fish to meat, to vegetarian and vegan preparations, and even fruit and desserts. Curious to try it? You can find it in our shop!

Appearance & Visual Analysis

“Riserva del Produttore” Sardegna DOP appears of a very bright lime green colour.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

The aromas of “Riserva del Produttore” Sardegna DOP are delicately discovered by the nose. The prevalent aromas of dried fruit are easily recognizable, in particular that of walnut – the leitmotif of the whole analysis, olfactory and gustatory – followed by a pleasant sweet almond note. Then come vegetable aromas of celery, thistle, chard and tomato leaf, as well as flavour tones of olive leaf and cut grass; we can also find a light fruitiness of yellow apple, and a mix of Mediterranean herbs aromas, fennel included.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



To the taste, “Riserva del Produttore” Sardegna DOP shows delicate bitterness followed by more intense spiciness, perceived on the end and prolonging the EVO oil aromatic permanence on the palate in the aftertaste.
The vegetable component is clearly perceptible, and binds very well to that of dried fruit – walnut, bitter almond, artichoke, chard, lettuce, olive, fresh spinach; aromas of basil and white pepper are also found in this Sardegna DOP.

We love it with…

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“Riserva del Produttore” Sardegna DOP is a balanced EVO oil with bitterness and spiciness of medium to light intensity, which make it suitable for many different preparations; thanks to its elegant vegetable scents, complemented and characterized by notes of dried fruit, it is perfect to to be combined with vegetarian and vegan recipes above all, as well as with desserts (both cream and fruit based).
You can use this Sardegna DOP in the making of your favorite sauces and spreads – tzatziki, mayonnaise, and hummus will result balanced yet enriched by an extra twist of taste. Sardegna DOP is also excellent on pasta salads made with mixed vegetables (courgettes, peas, potatoes), on bruschetta with grilled vegetables, and on lentil or chickpea burgers sided by mixed salads.
Recommended pairings with fish and eggs based recipes? Paella with fish, or eggs and shrimps.

A fruit salad? Why not! Many people already add basil or mint to flavour them – Sardegna PDO EVO oil, with its vegetable and aromatic notes, gives its best on apple, pear, pineapple, passion fruit, and melon; moreover, fruit that can also be used to make sweets and desserts such as panna cotta, cheesecake, or simple homemade cookies or cakes. Try Sardegna PDO now, purchase it from our shop!

Accademia Olearia

The farm consists of more than 200 hectares of land with over 25.000 olive trees, with the predominant cultivar being the Bosana variety; for their EVOOs, the Fois enrich the characteristic notes and quality of their olive oils by selecting other native and national cultivars to add to the Bosana.
The harvest of the olives is carried out by mechanical means, with the fruits being picked up directly from the trees, and just before the moment of full maturation. The harvesting takes place from mid-October to the end of December. The olives are pressed in a modern plant which works at a continuous cycle, and the product is grinded within 12 hours from the harvesting. With all their love and care for the olive trees, the constant control of temperature (which goes never higher than 27° C) during the pressing , the precise timing of extraction, and the highest possible standard of FOOD SAFETY and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) applied to the procedure, the Fois family guarantees the high quality of their extra virgin olive oils, characterized by an intense fruity freshness balanced by aromas of different fruits and vegetables.

Accademia Olearia srl
Località Ungias – Galantè
07041 Alghero (SS)
Sardinia – Italy
Accademia Olearia Website

Terroir & Region


Going to Sardinia, you will be fascinated by the wide presence of millenials olive trees located in the red soils of the inner part of the island, as well as near the coastline. The main cultivar is the Bosana.

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Cultivar / Olive Variety

Bosana & Semidana

The Sardinian cultivar of Bosana is one of the most cultivated varieties across the whole island, but it can be especially found in the central-northern area of ​​the island, around Sassari and in the surroundings of Oristano. Bosana is also used as table olive, but it is in the Sardinia PDO that expresses its best qualities, its elegant and characteristic notes of bitterness and pungency.
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