Trama – Dore

ProducerGiuseppe Dore
Crop Year2020/2021
CultivarBosana 100%
RegionSardinia (Ittiri)
Harvesting Method
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold Extracted
Tasted onDec 2020

Thank you to Giuseppe Dore for sending us their Trama EVOO.

EVOO – Food pairing advice: Trama

Trama EVO oil is a Bosana monocultivar produced in Sardinia.
About the world of high-quality extra virgin olive oils, one of the main characteristics which fascinates us is their being rooted in their millennial past, yet at the same time their need to look at the future and innovation to survive, grow and improve.

Sardinia is a Mediterranean land, the cradle of one of the very first civilizations, a territory whose culture of the olive and vine trees is very ancient; its tradition could easily rest on its laurels and live off interests thanks to its famous native cultivars (like the Bosana) and breathtaking landscapes. However – and luckily for us – this is not the case: attentive and intelligent producers like the Dore family decided to take the weight of three generations of olive growers on their shoulders, and so to take care of the company’s olive groves and transform their product throughout the selection of the best olives in the field, cold processing in the mills of the Alghero area within a very short time from harvest, and attention to sustainability.
Thanks to their effort we can appreciate and taste, straight from a bottle of unique packaging (its sealing wax cap and design recall the idea of “Made in Italy”, even in its colours), a balanced product – Trama EVOO is consistent with its territory, and versatile, capable of bringing traditional dishes to a tastier and more sustainable future; all thanks to a drizzle of olive oil which on a plate binds together past and future, flavours and colours.
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Appearance & Visual Analysis

In colour, Trama EVO oil is bright yellow to lemon green, enriched by shades of avocado green.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

At olfactory analysis, Trama EVO oil is delicately balanced, with a prevalence of aromas which recall the vegetable family: we can in fact immediately detect artichoke, thistle, lettuce, olive and olive leaf. Elegant notes of green and red tomato are also to be found in the aromas of Trama EVOO, followed by a variegated floral bouquet of white flowers (i.e. chamomile, broom, and orange blossom). In the end, a delicate scent of green and yellow apple, and light notes of nettle and aromatic herbs.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



To the taste, the delicacy and elegance of Trama extra virgin olive oil comes back with a clear balance of medium to light bitter and pungent notes of flavour.
Vegetable aromas can also be perceived to the palate, especially notes of artichoke, lettuce, green olive, green tomato, bitter almond, and even a hint of green pepper; the spiciness of black pepper and aromatic herbs (a rich mix of Mediterranean herbs including rosemary and thyme) complete the picture of the Trama EVO oil taste.

We love it with…

Learn how to pair food and EVOO with our BEA Method.

Trama EVO oil is a product whose bitter and pungent sensations are well balanced and of medium intensity; this is why it goes perfectly with vegetable-based dishes, mixed salads, first courses, and fish.
Trama EVOO is excellent on vegetable pinzimonio, savory cheesecakes, cheese platters and mixed bruschetta (made with meat, vegetables or fish); it is also to be used in savory pies and cakes, and muffins or quiches.
Trama EVO oil pairs elegantly with first courses, in particular risotto or pasta, fish-based main courses (sea bream, cod, swordfish), or grilled and oven-cooked white meat (e.g. chicken, turkey, pork).

We chose Trama EVOO to go along a tasty seafood and pasta recipe – we made paccheri with cuttlefish sauce, and baked it in foil to further preserve and enhance the flavour of our preparation; thanks to this cooking technique, the aromas of every ingredient and of Trama EVOO get binded all together just before serving. Trama EVO oil is an ideal companion for this preparation, never intrusive yet neither predictable, with its characteristic Mediterranean, fruity and floral flavors giving the dish vegetable notes, while also elegantly enriching the aroma of the fresh tomato sauce. Watch our video recipe and read the full recipe!

Trama – Giuseppe Dore

TRAMA extra virgin olive oil is a project born from the fusion of centuries-old Sardinian traditions combined with the best extraction technologies, in order to obtain a product of superior quality. Olive growers for three generations, under the current generational change TRAMA aims to favor quality, the respect for nature, the preservation of traditions, and a strong regional identity – that of the land of Sardinia; their mission is to share this great tradition, and to preserve their centenary history of olive cultivation, management and enhancement of the olive grove and its products.

Giuseppe Dore
Via Verdi, 17
Ittiri (SS),
Sardinia – Italy
Giuseppe Dore website

Terroir & Region


The territory of Sardinia is so diverse that the island has been defined as a “micro-continent”, with travellers falling in love with the region’s wild mountains, the woods and valleys which hide precious remains of the Nuragic civilization, the beautiful sandy beaches as well as the rocky ones which fall into the crystal sea. Going to Sardinia, you will be fascinated by the wide presence of millenials olive trees located in the red soils of the inner part of the island, as well as near the coastline. Discover other regions.

Cultivar / Olive Variety


The Sardinian cultivar of Bosana is one of the most cultivated varieties across the whole island, but it can be especially found in the central-northern area of ​​the island, around Sassari and in the surroundings of Oristano. Bosana is also used as table olive, but it is in the Sardinia PDO that expresses its best qualities, its elegant and characteristic notes of bitterness and pungency. Discover more.