Pretuziano delle colline Teramane PDO – Masseria Erasmi

ProducerMasseria Erasmi – Gusti d’Abruzzo
Crop Year2020/2021
RegionAbruzzo (Castilenti)
Harvesting Method
Extraction MethodContinuous – Cold Extracted
Tasted onDec 2020

Thank you to Masseria Erasmi for sending us their Pretuziano delle colline Teramane EVOO.

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EVOO – Food pairing advice: Pretuziano

Abruzzo is a special place both for olive oil and wine culture: it is a “little Italy” where cold mountains and warm beaches make its hills the manufacturing place of choice for many food and wine products, including some PDOs and PGIs.

Pretuziano EVO oil is born right on the hills of Teramo, the well-known homeland of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG – overlooking the Adriatic Sea on the one side, and the Gran Sasso and Majella mountains on the other, it takes the best (organoleptically speaking) from both. The PDO certification guarantees its production: Pretuziano EVO oil is 100% made in Abruzzo; the Erasmi family guarantees that the EVOO’s soul stays true to its territory. The result is an EVO oil which presents traditional tastes and flavours, yet takes them to a higher quality level, bringing the regional classic preparations to the future: a drizzle of Pretuziano extra virgin olive oil on some Senatore Cappelli toasted bread, sided by pecorino cheese of Farindola, will turn a timeless preparation such as arrosticini into a gourmet dish.

Pretuziano delle collline Teramane PDO: The EVO oils belonging to the Pretuziano delle Colline Teramane PDO are produced in Abruzzo, and especially in the province of Teramo, an area dedicated to olive growing since Roman times; they are mainly obtained from the Leccino, Dritta and Frantoio cultivars, and to a lesser extent from local varieties such as Castiglionese, Tortiglione and Carboncella.

Appearance & Visual Analysis

At visual analysis, Pretuziano EVO oil appears bright lime green in colour.

Scents & Olfactory analysis

At olfactory analysis, Pretuziano delle Colline Teramane PDO EVOO is rich in vegetal and aromatic herbs aromas ranging from thistle, olive and olive leaf, and cut grass, to hay, lettuce, basil, fennel and sage. A mix of dried fruit flavours, an elegant bouquet of white flowers aromas, and a touch of pink pepper are also detectable.

Tasting: Aromas & Flavours



On the palate, Pretuziano delle Colline Teramane PDO recalls and further enhances the flavour of the vegetable notes perceived in its scent; artichoke, lettuce, fresh rocket, bitter almond and olive are clearly perceptible, along with a delicate spiciness of black pepper. In the end, a delicate mix of aromatic herbs (e.g basil and thyme) stand out among all other flavours. The bitter and pungent notes are comparable in their medium intensity.

We love it with…

Learn how to pair food and EVOO with our BEA Method.

The balanced and medium fruitiness of Pretuziano EVO oil makes it particularly excellent in combination with light and medium-flavored food: vegetables, semi-hard cheese, eggs and (red) meat; try it also on sea fish, and pizza with vegetables (i.e. pumpkin, artichokes) and mushrooms.
Pretuziano EVOO pairs perfectly to meat or vegetable appetizers such as veal with tuna sauce, meat-based finger food, and cheese croutons; ideal on semi-hard cheese, caciotta to pecorino, it is also perfect on egg-based preparations such as peppers and eggs, or Eggs in Purgatory.
Pretuziano EVO oil goes also perfectly on risotto, pasta made with fresh vegetable sauce, and fish-based main courses (e.g. fish skewers, mixed fish tacos, pan-fried swordfish, squid, calamari, steamed salmon).

In our pairing choice, we have of course decided to match the tastes of the EVOO and the dish, but also to give due importance to territoriality – have you ever tried arrosticini? They are skewers of sheep meat you can taste in typical Abruzzo restaurants and are a triumph for the palate: cooked slowly on their traditional grill, the meat remains soft and juicy. Pretuziano delle Colline Teramane PDO EVOO added a crudo helps to balance the rich and fatty part of the arrosticini, ennobling the meat by giving them a nice aromatic scent which goes well with their strong flavour.

Masseria Erasmi – Gusti d’Abruzzo

Masseria Erasmi – Gusti d’Abruzzo was established right in the heart of Abruzzo, surrounded by the mountains and the sea; it is a testament to the excellence of one of the most beautiful regions in the world, an almost impenetrable land crossed by men and history, adorned by an invaluable heritage of food and wine traditions, honored by the presence of generations of strong and kind men and women.
Masseria Erasmi – Gusti d’Abruzzo produces EVO oils, pasta, tomato sauce and other regional products.

Contrada Santa Croce, 2
64035 Castilenti (TE)
Abruzzo – Italy
+39 085 9492854
Masseria Erasmi website

Terroir & Region


Abruzzo is known to be “the greenest region in Europe”, as almost half of its area is set aside as national parks and protected nature reserves. Abruzzo hills are very characteristic, covered in vineyards and typical olive groves. Writer Primo Levi defined Abruzzo and its people as “forti e gentili” (strong and gentle), a saying which soon became the region’s motto.

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Cultivar / Olive Variety


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